Winter Castle production still

20 Winter-Themed Hallmark Movies to Savor When You're Tapped Out on Christmas

Frosty favorites to cozy up with, and not a jingle bell in sight.

Every October, Halloween fights for its life as 40 all-new Hallmark Christmas movies begin their descent, one by one. 'Twas ever thus. But what if you're feeling a little Bah Humbug this year or, you know, simply got sick of all that garish red and green? We've got you covered. Our 20 favorite winter Hallmark movies deliver on frosty romance without all the Santa stuff.

Hallmark's 2023 Countdown to Christmas lineup ends on December 17. On January 6, the network steps into 2024 with a quad of new romances as part of its New Year New Movies! celebration, formerly known as Winterfest. Traditionally, winter Hallmark movies feature deliciously romantic storylines set in picturesque winter wonderlands — like the ritzy old-town Vail in Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes' "Winter in Vail" (2020) or the literal ice palace at the heart of 2019's "Winter Castle."

Enjoy some hockey drama with your rom-com? Our roundup includes a slurry of on-ice favorites starring Luke Macfarlane, Niall Matter and more Hallmark greats. In the mood for a fantasy-tinged royal romance? We've selected a few to make your heart flutter. Or perhaps you're craving a classic snowed-in together scenario, complete with enviable outerwear? Taylor Cole and her fabulous winter coats are here!

The following winter Hallmark movies are cozy as can be. So pack away the tree, tell Santa to buzz off and curl up to our top 20 favorites.

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