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Hallmark Star Trevor Donovan Spends His Free Time Volunteering For Charity


Trevor Donovan is one of the most charming leading men currently starring on the Hallmark Channel. He's appeared opposite everyone from Jen Lilley to Jon Voight, playing a wide array of characters, including professional athletes.

In real life, Donovan seems just as nice as you'd expect and spends his free time volunteering for charity and using his social media platform for good.

Donovan grew up in Mammoth Lakes, California, where he was active in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. He was even on the U.S. teen ski team. He moved to Los Angeles to attend The Art Institute of California, where he was pursuing a degree in graphic design. During his senior year, he started taking acting classes out of curiosity and discovered he loved it. He decided that maybe he wanted to work in Hollywood instead. He started getting work as a model and landed his first TV role on the sitcom Quintuplets in 2004. A role on Days of Our Lives followed before Donovan landed playing Teddy Montgomery on the reboot of 90210. Over the years he's appeared on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Client List, Melissa & Joey, NCIS, Lucifer and more, but he's best known as being one of the biggest up and coming male stars on Hallmark. 

Interestingly enough, Donovan wasn't very familiar with the Hallmark Channel before starring in Strawberry Summer in 2012.


"To be honest, I wasn't very familiar with the Hallmark Channel before doing my first movie," he explained to My Devotional Thoughts. "But since being a part of the Hallmark family I've seen why they are so successful. I think Hallmark is a place people can go to watch a morally uplifting movie for the whole family and know they're getting a happy ending."

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After 8 years of appearing on Hallmark, the actor explained to WECT that he is still loving the work and loves being a part of something so special. 

"Part of what I love so much is, I know my grandmother, my aunts and uncles, my young five-year-old niece, everyone can sit down and watch these (movies)," he said.


"Especially around the holidays when the family is together. You can have these on the TV and there's always an uplifting, moral message to it. There's always a happy ending. The country, the world and life is pretty chaotic right now, and these types of movies can bring in those moments and raise a couple hours of positive energy, sunshine and smile, and reminders that family is most important. I get approached all the time since I started doing these things, and people love them. It makes me feel really, really good."

Donovan has appeared in a slew of Hallmark movies over the years including Love on a Limb, JL Ranch, Marry Me at Christmas, Snowcoming, Love, Fall & Order, Nostalgic Christmas, USS Christmas, and Two for the Win. Outside of TV, the actor has also appeared in a few feature films including Savages, The Ghost Beyond and Hot Water.

When he's not acting, Donovan is a passionate animal lover and is an ambassador with Habitat for Humanity and the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights. After his German Shepherd, Dogbert, was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy, he began actively educating the world on his pup's story on social media and though Dogbert is no longer with us, Donovan still volunteers his time and platform and posts photos with his other dogs -- Tito, Chancers and Shadow. Though his personal life is kept quite private, we know he also has a younger brother named Jake who's a fireman in Sacramento.



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