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Inside Hallmark Stars Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace's Adorable Love Story

It all started on the set of "When Calls the Heart"

Hallmark has a way of creating love stories so sweet you just can't help but wish they were real. And sometimes—they are.

Multiple Hallmark stars are real couples having found real-life romance on the sets of these made-for-TV movies. One of the most recent and endearing couples to come out of Hallmark Channel is Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace.

While they're both known for their roles on the network's endearing historical drama "When Calls the Heart"—McGarry plays Mountie Nathan Grant, and Wallace portrays telephone operator Fiona Miller—this Canadian pair has their own off-screen love story that rivals any Hallmark movie.

Like most Hollywood power couples, McGarry and Wallace began as simply coworkers. According to Us Weekly, Wallace and McGarry first met in 2019 as "When Calls the Heart" cast members on the set of Season 6. Not much is known about their first encounters, but eventually, their relationship grew beyond the bounds of strictly professional. Even though their characters never ended up together on screen, off it, they fell hard and fast—at least, that's what we'd like to believe.

McGarry and Wallace kept their love under wraps for a while, but recently, they've given us more than enough confirmation that they are, in fact, together.

From their first meeting in the fictional Hope Valley to their low-profile but ever-so-sweet courtship, here's the inside scoop on Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace's adorable real-life romance.

They Went Public in 2020


Again, the meet-cute details of exactly how McGarry and Wallace first met are a mystery. But they've both been working alongside each other on When Calls the Heart since 2019. And it only took some 300-odd days before they announced their relationship to the public via Instagram.

In November 2020, McGarry posted an array of cute Polaroid pictures of Wallace with the caption "photo evidence." Clearly, he knew what the people wanted.

Only a month later, Wallace joined in on the Instagram PDA, posting an adorable picture of her and McGarry in ornament form on her Christmas tree. "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear," she captioned the image, a nod to everyone's favorite holiday movie, Elf.

After that, the cat was officially out of the bag, and McGarry and Wallace's fans rejoiced. While they're not as active in relationship promotion as other famous couples, the two are pretty open about their love for one another.

"Sunshine of my life, the source of 99% of my laughter: my dearest, Kevin. Happy Birthday to you," Wallace wrote on McGarry's birthday in 2022. "The trick to my treat. It's like being in a loving caring, magical relationship with the house that gives full size chocolate bars! Happy Birthday Darling," he wrote in a post celebrating her trip around the sun that same year.

Needless to say, these two are the definition of couple goals.

They Co-Starred in Multiple Hallmark Movies


While the two are most famous for their roles as Nathan and Fiona, respectively, McGarry and Wallace's professional relationship extends beyond just "When Calls the Heart."

In 2022, they starred in the TV movie "Feeling Butterflies," a romance about a woman with a "booming butterfly business" (side note: where can we apply to get that job) who meets a single dad while delivering monarchs to his daughter's birthday party. Sparks fly, and soon, their love—and her biz—starts taking flight.

Hallmark fans were so taken with the real-life couple's on-screen chemistry that Wallace and McGarry did another movie together: "My Grown-Up Christmas List."

In this 2022 holiday romance, McGarry and Wallace play a set of characters who have developed a special bond over the many Christmases they've spent together—and apart.

While there's no official word of them starring in another movie together, we wouldn't be surprised if Hallmark capitalized on their off-screen romance for another swoon-worthy flick.

They Got Engaged in 2022


However, their professional projects are not the most exciting milestone on their relationship timeline. In December 2022, Wallace posted a sweet video of her and McGarry smooching as she flashed an engagement ring, with the caption: "Forever."

Both fans and fellow co-stars went crazy in the comments section, but it was "When Calls the Heart" star Erin Krakow who really captured the essence of how we all felt. "Our forever friends found their forever! So happy for you both! Still haven't recovered from this beautiful moment."

Same, girl. Same.

While there are no official details on when and where they'll tie the knot, we do know it will be a Hallmark-esque wedding to remember. In the meantime, we'll keep our eyes peeled for more news and can't wait to see what other romantic projects McGarry and Wallace will take on next.

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