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'When Calls the Heart': A Season 10 Cast and Character Guide


Hallmark Channel fans will undoubtedly know the show When Calls the Heart, as it's the network's longest-running original program. The show was just renewed for its 11th season on the heels of the 10th season, so fans have at least two more years to follow Elizabeth Thornton's life. When Calls the Heart first aired on Hallmark back in 2014 and is based on the novel series by Janette Oke. The series focuses on the life of Thornton, who is a widowed young mother working as a school teacher in the small, western town of Hope Valley. Through the years, Thornton deals with family drama, unlikely friendships and the ups and downs of trying to move on from her husband's death.  

With season 10 premiering in July, fans may want to catch up on who's who in the cast. 

Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thornton

Erin Krakow

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Erin Krakow plays a young school teacher working in the quaint small town of Hope Valley. Thornton was born into a wealthy family but chose to move out west to teach and marry the love of her life, Jack Thornton. Jack tragically passed away in the middle of Elizabeth's pregnancy, leaving Elizabeth to lean on her community to navigate parenthood and single-mother life. 

Krakow burst onto the acting scene with her recurring appearance as a medic on Lifetime's Army Wives. She had several recurring roles on hit shows including Guiding Light, NCIS Los Angeles and Castle. Throughout her tenure with When Calls the Heart, she's also appeared in Hallmark original movies such as A Cookie Cutter Christmas and Finding Father Christmas


Pascale Hutton as Rosemary Coulter

Pascale Hutton

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Pascale Hutton plays Rosemary Coulter, the editor-in-chief for the town's newspaper, The Valley Voice. While she originally landed in Hope Valley to pursue Jack Thornton, she ends up becoming quite close to Elizabeth after Jack's tragic death. 

Hutton has acted in several TV movies and TV series since she started her career in 2003. She's had recurring roles in Sanctuary and Arctic Air. She has an expansive Hallmark career, starring in several original movies including The Perfect Bride and Summer of Dreams

Jack Wagner as Bill Avery

Jack Wagner

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Jack Wagner has been a staple on the show since season 1. He is brought to Hope Valley in an attempt to investigate the coal mine explosion. He's appeared in almost every episode and is a staple in the community.

Wagner is an impressive actor as well as a singer. He's best known for his roles on Melrose Place, General Hospital and The Bold and The Beautiful. While acting, he has released six studio albums, with the most recent one, The Porch, in 2014. 


Kavan Smith as Leland Coulter

Kavan Smith

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Kavan Smith plays sawmill owner Leland Coulter, who shows up in season 2. He is married to Rosemary LeVeaux. Coulter brings new life to the town after the tragic mine explosion by opening his successful sawmill.

Smith has a long acting history and has starred in a wide range of shows, from Stargate: Atlantis to Smallville to Eureka. He has been cast alongside his on-screen wife, Pascale Hutton, in several other Hallmark productions, as the two appear to have a great chemistry with one another. 

Chris McNally as Lucas Bouchard

Chris McNally

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Chris McNally's character, Lucas Bouchard, joined When Calls the Heart in season 6 as the solo traveler who buys the town saloon, White Stallion Saloon, and renames it the Queen of Hearts Saloon. Although the townspeople view him suspiciously when he first arrives, he establishes a budding friendship with Elizabeth and the townspeople. 

McNally has a long list of acting credits, including the Netflix series Altered Carbon, Supernatural and Firefly Lane. When Calls the Heart isn't his only Hallmark appearance. He's appeared in several Hallmark movies including Rocky Mountain Christmas and The Sweetest Heart.


Kevin McGarry as Nathan Grant

Kevin McGarry

2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Dolsen

Kevin McGarry plays Nathan Grant, the handsome police officer -- aka Mountie -- who joins the town in season 6. McGarry is a native Canadian who's had successful stints on shows including Open Heart, Heartland and When Hope Calls. He's been in several Hallmark movies as well, including Winter Castle and Love at First Bark

Andrea Brooks as Faith Carter


2021 Crown Media

Andrea Brooks' character, Faith Carter, is a mainstay in Hope Valley after first appearing in season 2. She first came to the town as Thomas Thornton's nurse and later returned to see Lee. Even though she was engaged on her first arrival, she broke it off to stay in Hope Valley. 

Brooks is also a regular to the Hallmark movie scene, appearing in Jingle Around the Clock, A Harvest Wedding and A Wish for Christmas, to name just a few. She starred in the TV series Supergirl and has had roles in unREAL, Bates Motel and So Help Me Todd

Martin Cummins as Henry Gowen

Martin Cummins

2021 Crown Media

Martin Cummins plays the town's most unlikeable mine owner, Henry Gowen. Although he acts as the town's villain, he has appeared in all nine seasons. And although he has a rough-and-tumble exterior, he does have his softer side, such as when he befriends an orphaned girl in season 6. 


Cummins has a long acting career and is best known for his roles in Riverdale, Away and Poltergeist: The Legacy. Cummins is not solely known for his extensive acting credits. He recently starred in, co-wrote, directed and produced the movies Hell in a Handbag and We All Fall Down

Kayla Wallace as Fiona Miller

Kayla Wallace

2021 Crown Media

Kayla Wallace plays Fiona Miller, a latecomer to When Calls the Heart who first appeared in season 6. When she originally arrived in Hope Valley, she was working to install telephone lines in the town but unfortunately was fired. She stayed in Hope Valley and purchased the town's barbershop

Wallace began her acting career in 2015 with a variety of TV movies including Descendants and A Song for Christmas. Wallace went on to have various roles in The Good Doctor and The Magicians. Wallace is also a talented singer and performed songs in the TV movie A Song for Christmas

Jaeda Lily Miller as Allie Grant

Jaeda Lily Miller

IMDB/Crown Media

Jaeda Lily Miller plays Allie Grant, Nathan's young niece who joins the cast in season 6. While she struggles to build friendships when she first arrives, she eventually settles into school and becomes close with her classmates. Even though she's just a kid, she seems to rile up trouble wherever she goes. 


Miller first appeared on When Calls the Heart in season 6 but also has been on a slew of shows and movies, including voice acting on the cartoon Ready Jet Go! She's no stranger to Hallmark productions, as she's appeared in Christmas in Evergreen and A Heavenly Christmas

Ben Rosenbaum as Mike Hickam

Kayla Wallace, Ben Rosenbaum

2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Dolsen

Ben Rosenbaum plays Mike Hickam, the newly elected mayor of Hope Valley. His a perpetual bachelor whose quest for love remains unfulfilled at this point.

Rosenbaum's other acting credits include the series American Horror Story and the movie Christmas Inheritance. He's also appeared in the Hallmark TV movie It Was Always You. Rumor has it that Rosenbaum may be dating his on-screen co-star Krakow after a photo surfaced of a puppy the two adopted. 

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