Hallmark Star Lacey Chabert And Husband David Nehdar Keep Their Relationship Out Of The Limelight

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There are several leading ladies that frequent the beloved Hallmark Channel movies throughout the year and particularly around Christmas time. From Danica McKellar to Candace Cameron Bure, we love tuning in to see their lovely familiar faces. Actress Lacey Chabert is another regular that has appeared on the network for years. Did you know that unlike some of her unlucky-in-love characters she plays on TV, Chabert has happily been with the same partner for years?

Chabert was actually a child actress who got her start at a young age on Broadway playing Cosette in Les Misérables. She made the transition to the screen when she starred in the popular drama series Party of Five as well as the film Lost In Space. As a teenager, you'll probably remember her from her hilarious role Gretchen Wieners in the ultimate high school film, Mean Girls. She even has a completely separate career as a voice actress in the first season of Family Guy as well as various other shows and video games. You probably didn't realize it was Lacey behind Eliza Thornberry in the 90's cartoon The Wild Thornberrys. Through all of her professional successes, Chabert has been very private about her personal life. 

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Chabert and her husband David Nehdar have led an incredibly low-key relationship since day 1. Part of the reason for that is, unlike his wife, Dehdar does not have a career in Hollywood. Having a famous actress as a wife must come with its challenges, but Chabert has always done a good job keeping her love life out of the limelight. In fact, she didn't even announce her 2013 marriage to the successful businessman until after the fact. The actress revealed their marriage about 6 months later, telling People their California wedding day was "perfect chaos."

"I didn't want it to feel like an event. I wanted it to be personal. He's not in the business and we like our privacy, and I just think relationships are hard enough without the opinion of strangers. So we try to keep it as personal and private as possible."

Similar to his wife Lacey Chabert, Nehdar has a hefty net worth estimated to be in the millions due to his career in business management. We don't know much else about him personally, but that seems to be the way he and his wife want to keep things.

You really won't see her husband on social media, but you will get glimpses of their daughter, Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar. She has the cutest middle names! Chabert also occasionally posts photos with her two sisters, whom she refers to as her best friends. We have the utmost respect for the star wanting to keep her romantic life to herself and can only imagine its as picture-perfect as one of her Hallmark films.

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Editors Note: This article was originally published on October 21, 2020.

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Hallmark Star Lacey Chabert And Husband David Nehdar Keep Their Relationship Out Of The Limelight