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Hallmark Star Tyler Hynes Is Glad Hallmark Is Bringing Back Rom Coms

If there's one thing I'm passionate about year-round, it's the Hallmark Channel. While their Christmas movies are an annual celebration I always look forward to, the feel-good network is full of sweet and romantic content every season of the year. Whether it's romance in the fall, a good mystery in the summer, a romantic Valentine's Day tale, or their famous holiday flicks, Hallmark has a little something for everyone.

It's always nice to hear when their leading stars are just as excited to be in the projects as we are to watch them. Tyler Hynes, one of Hallmark's latest leading men, loves that he's been able to share so many romantic stories with the world through his many projects with the network. We can only hope he's not going anywhere anytime soon!

Who is Tyler Hynes?

Tyler Hynes grew up in Ontario, Canada where he was already acting professionally by the time he was just 8 years old. What started with a role in a production of A Christmas Carol led to appearances in feature films and TV shows like Lassie, Little Men, Home Team, Disney's The Other Me, Terrorised by Teens: The Jonathan Wamback Story, and Tales from the Neverending Story: The Beginning.

Down the line, he appeared in a slew of projects including Letterkenny, The Girlfriend Experience, Star Trek: Discovery, The Firm, Rookie Blue, UnReal, The Last Sign, Flashpoint, Valemont, Saving Hope and Heartland.

These days, the Canadian actor has earned a reputation as one of the fresh-faced leading men to grace the Hallmark Channel. He's starred in countless TV movies on the popular network including It's Christmas Eve with LeAnn Rimes, Flip That Romance, The Mistletoe Secret with Kellie Pickler, It Was Always You with Erin Krakow, Winter in Vail, and Sweet Carolina with Lacey Chabert, On the 12th Date of Christmas, My Boyfriend's Back: Wedding March 5, Falling For You with Taylor Cole and Roadhouse Romance with Lauren Alaina.

A Rom-Com Fan

Like so many of us, Hynes turned to movies while he was locked away at home during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. But not just any movies...he primarily focused on watching as many romantic films as possible. He explained to Southern Living that he was so excited to be part of Hallmark because of how they have helped regenerate interest in rom-com's.

"Over the holidays somebody had told me to turn on some Hallmark movies and so I did and then it kinda kickstarted this romantic comedy kick. I realized I've watched a few now, just on my own... Meet Joe Black, Love Actually, Notting Hill. Notting Hill is up there for me. 50 First Dates. I even went back to She's All That."

He was particularly fond of revisiting the old Hugh Grant classics, admitting he thought he was a seriously underrated actor and didn't understand why he was given grief for doing so many romantic films back to back.

"I mean that's essentially what we're doing at Hallmark. We're doing these movies back-to-back. But I think they did an incredible job back then...There are so many great romantic movies out there that I feel like, I'm really happy that Hallmark has carved out this niche and kind of revitalized this genre. And I think, as it starts to grow and evolve, we can get closer and closer to those kinds of movies with the movies that we make, I hope."

It Was Always You

When It Was Always You was released in February 2021, Hynes received a ton of positive feedback from fans, including his own mother. He told ET that she called him after watching the movie for the first time crying because she loved how his character came together with Erin Krakow's.

"She went on to explain that it was the idea that these two characters, who were sort of separated, and he felt this way this whole time and that they ended up together that was so nice. And the characters seemed earnest and [they] really earned it," Hynes shared.

"I'm always in pursuit of someone having a visceral reaction to something, either it turns you off or on, and I hope that this movie gives you that sort of reaction of something. Something emotional that gets triggered a little bit. And hopefully, that thing is hope because I think the movie is very hopeful and romantic."

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Editors Note: This article was originally published on November 25, 2021.