George Krissa, Jonathan Bennett in 'The Holiday Sitter'
Craig Minielly/Hallmark

12 LGBTQIA Hallmark Stars Leading a New Era of Inclusive Romance

These Hallmark stars are changing the face of rom-coms.

For the past few decades, the Hallmark Channel has been the go-to network for love stories and heartwarming tales of romance. Now, the rom-com giant is debuting more and more inclusive storytelling that reflects real-world relationships. And the LGBTQIA Hallmark stars leading the charge are certainly ones to watch.

Two of Hallmark's most high-profile leading men, Jonathan Bennett and Luke Macfarlane, have been vocal about their passion for expanding the network's love stories. Bennett, a "Mean Girls" alum, came out in 2014 and went on to make Hallmark history twice: He produced and starred in "The Christmas House" (2020), the first flick to feature a gay couple, and "The Holiday Sitter" (2022), the first to actually center the story on a gay couple. For his part, "Bros" actor Luke Macfarlane returned to Hallmark in 2023 with the queer house-swap romance "Notes of Autumn."

Hallmark continues to put new faces and identities to time-honored romance narratives and festive flicks. This Countdown to Christmas, the network debuted "Friends & Family Christmas," its first-ever holiday movie to feature a lesbian couple. The film stars longtime Hallmark actor-director Ali Liebert and newcomer Humberly González as two women who pretend to be in a relationship to appease their parents, but end up finding a deeper connection.

Here are 12 LGBTQIA Hallmark stars who are leading the network's new era of inclusive storytelling and proving that love—and Christmas—is for everyone.

These LGBTQIA Hallmark stars are just a few of the many talented individuals helping to redefine rom-coms and create more representation onscreen. Here's to many more trailblazing Hallmark romances to come.

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