Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler holding the brand in Yellowstone

The Top 10 Most Important Moments in 'Yellowstone,' Ranked

A not-so-leisurely walk down memory lane.

To be a Yellowstone fan is to agonize over the Dutton family's latest feud, suffer endless cliffhanger endings and white-knuckle your way through seriously high-stakes political gamesmanship. One moment, you're rooting for Beth and Rip's happy ending; the next, you're wondering whether Jamie is the real victim here, after all. A lot has gone down in the Dutton family over the course of the show's five seasons, so we're running back the greatest hits. Below, we mark the biggest, most important moments in Yellowstone history, and rank them according to how well they define this world we now call the Dutton-verse.

These scenes spotlight the Dutton dynasty in all their dysfunctional glory. There are fights, reconciliations, deaths and a lifetime's worth of come-to-Jesus moments. They'll make you laugh, cry and question everything you thought John Dutton stood for. But, hey, if you don't love the Duttons at their worst, you certainly don't deserve them at their best.

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