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'Yellowstone': The 10 Best Beth & Rip Moments That Will Make You Swoon

Yellowstone's Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton will forever go down in history as one of the most iconic couples to grace our television screens. The Paramount Network series has become a major hit over the past few years, in large thanks to the incredible cast who brings the complicated and interesting characters to life. As much as we love everyone creator Taylor Sheridan writes in the show, Beth and Rip are fan favorites for a reason. Sorry, Kayce (Luke Grimes) and Monica (Kelsey Asbille) much as we love you and your son Tate, Beth and Rip take the cake for the best couple in the series.


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Over the past four Yellowstone seasons, we've gotten to see Rip (Cole Hauser) and Beth (Kelly Reilly) go from childhood sweethearts to realizing that they have the love of a lifetime. Rip is initially hesitant as he works as a ranch hand for Beth's father, John Dutton (Kevin Costner), but eventually learns that he has long been part of the Dutton family...he just didn't realize they felt the same way about him. His love story with Beth is one for the ages, which is probably why Yellowstone fans have been going wild for the couple since the first season.

"As far as Rip's concerned, that was his first and only love from when he was 15 years old," Hauser told Deadline. "Time stopped for him and he realized how really special she was and what she could give to his life. But he has lost her a lot over time. I love what Taylor did. He made it a slow burn for us and it has taken four years now to investigate each other as people, and how their hearts beat. And it has been a pleasure to do that with Kelly."


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Reilly adds that their love is so special because they really bring out the best in one another.

"Beth and Rip are soulmates and have been since they met. They are so tough and hard-headed and the capacity of violence is in them both, but they provide a safe haven for quiet, peace, and love and she doesn't have that with anyone else in the show. We see them with all the other characters and then when they are together they just bring out a whole different color in each other. It provides a level of healing for Beth, a place for her to rest and lay down her weapons. Rip loves her in a way that's so unconditional and she's starting to settle into that place. It's so beautiful these broken characters are finding some sort of home with each other."

Funny enough, some fans forget that Reilly is a Hollywood actress playing a role and have gotten incredibly protective of her love interest on the TV series. In a separate interview with KTLA, she explains that she regularly has fans writing her to make sure she doesn't hurt Rip.

"I get serious warnings," she explained. "I get people writing to me and saying to me not to hurt him, as Beth. They don't quite realize that I'm not Beth...But yea, if I do anything to hurt him, they are going to come find me. So, yea, it's a lot. They're mad for him."

While we anxiously await Yellowstone season 5 after that cliffhanger of a season four finale, we've rounded up all of Beth and Rip's best moments on the show so far.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Yellowstone seasons 1-4.

1. Cheating death on the first date

In season one, Rip asks Beth if she wants to go to a music festival but she declines. Instead, they end up drinking whiskey in Rip's truck as they watch a dead deer get mutilated by a pack of wolves. Maybe the strangest first date of all time. But Beth's a complicated woman, so what are you going to do? After Rip tells her that she looks exactly the same and just might cheat death, she runs out of the car (whiskey in hand) and yells at the wolves who run away from her and the deer.

After he chastises her for risking her life like that by running up to the wolves she, in a roundabout way, tells Rip she loves him.

"It's only the things I love that die Rip, never me. Come to think of it, I'm surprised you're still standing."

2. The bar that was "almost like a music festival"

Beth and Rip have another date at a wild honky-tonk. As he walks up to her drinking a glass of whiskey, she makes a joke that the bar is "almost like a music festival," referencing his first date idea. They proceed to dance among the crowds of cowboys under the neon lights and's perfect.

3. Sipping whiskey under the Montana stars


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There's really nothing better than the moments throughout the series where Rip and Beth manage to slip away together. After a particularly nasty fight with her brother Jamie (Wes Bentley) in season two, Rip joins Beth in drinking whiskey up on the roof of John Dutton's house. When he tells her he thought she was off whiskey she responds with, "I'll sip whiskey and stare at the stars with you, Rip."

He just stares at her lovingly in response and she knows that he wants to tell her that he loves her. She stops him and tells him to tell her "when it saves me." Boy, does he deliver on that.

4. Rip saving Beth's life

Beth has really been through the wringer more times than one, but in season two, she gets brutally attacked at her office by two masked gunmen. She manages to get a text sent to Rip saying "office help" just before they start savagely beating her and her assistant, Jason. After shooting Jason in the head, one of the attackers throws Beth on the table, and Rip shows up just in time to save the day.

After Rip fights the attackers and Beth smashes one of the dead men's heads in for good measure, she is inconsolable after the trauma she's just experienced. Rip calms her down by saying "I love you," just when she needs it the most. Did anyone else cry during this scene? Just me?!

5. Slow dancing outside the barn

When Beth and Rip find themselves alone on the Dutton ranch in season three, the sky is the limit for how they can spend their time together. But Rip made women all over the world swoon when he lit up the area outside of the barn, turned on some country music, and began to dance with the woman he loves.

6. Beth wanting to be Rip's wife

It's a sweet, sweet moment in season three when Beth calls Rip "baby" for the first time. He even has her repeat it to him. When he asks her what she'd like to be called she replies "wife." It's a short-lived moment however because she quickly takes it back and runs away, leaving Rip confused.

She later clarifies her actions by explaining the heartwrenching reveal she hadn't told him yet — "You know why I always run away? Because there's only so much that I can give you, Rip. I can't have children. You need to know that. Being with me is the end of you."

Because Rip is literally the perfect person for Beth, he has the ultimate response for her. He tells her he doesn't need kids or dogs running around the ranch. "You're all I need."

7. Beth's proposal


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If you weren't swooning during Beth's proposal in Yellowstone season three then you officially have no heart. She went out and got Rip a ring that she felt was perfect for him and asked him on the steps of the home they share together on the Duttons' property. It was casual, heartfelt, and couldn't have been more "them" in my opinion. Now we just can't wait to see Rip put a ring on her finger. After all, he literally dug up his mother's remains so that Beth could have that precious family heirloom.

8. The first kiss

Beth and Rip have come so far since their first kiss when they were children. In a flashback scene in the episode "Touching the Enemy," young Beth (Kylie Rogers) walks up to young Rip (Kyle Red Silverstein) and demands that he kiss her. He tells her that he doesn't know how and she says, "Me neither." He then proceeds to kiss her and their love story has officially begun.

It was clear early on how much these two needed each other. Rip had just been taken in by John Dutton after not only witnessing the murder of his mother and brother at the hands of his father but also killing his father in an effort to save himself. He becomes an orphan with nowhere to go. Since being taken in by John Dutton, Rip has been loyal to the man — almost to a fault. Meanwhile, Beth felt responsible for her mother's death and was trying to find her place as the only woman on Yellowstone Ranch. Their paths collide at just the right time, though it would take years for timing to be on their side.

9. Bringing Carter into their family

It was an unexpected twist in season four when Beth crosses paths with a lost teenager. She's visiting her father in the hospital while he's healing from his brutal attack from the season three finale, and Carter has just become an orphan. Beth sees something in the young teen and invites him back to the ranch. There are some ups and downs with their relationship and while she makes it clear that she isn't Carter's actual mother, she is still a maternal figure for him, giving him a second chance. He changes the dynamic of Beth and Rip's relationship, moving first into Rip's cabin with them and then into the main house. They can't have children of their own, but it's a really sweet addition that almost seems more them.

Carter really is kind of a young Rip, lost with nowhere to go and needing someone to give him an opportunity before he gets lost in the system.

10. Finally getting married

We had to wait four seasons for it, but it was worth the wait. And they really tied the knot in the most Beth way possible. She just went to seduce her way into a prison to kill the man who put a hit on her family (literally) and after discovering the truth, she kidnaps a priest and heads straight for the ranch. She gathers together Rip, her father, Carter, and Rip grabs Lloyd as his best man, and they say 'I do' right on the property. No white dress or flowers or even Kayce. Sure, there technically wasn't a marriage license or anything and the Duttons aren't Catholic but hey. Beth got to commit herself to Rip in front of a few people she loves and that was all she was hoping for.

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