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25 Girl Power Movies Every Woman Should Watch in Her Lifetime

Let's go, girls!

There's nothing quite like seeing a woman come into her power onscreen. From weepy, uplifting dramas that make essential Mother's Day viewing to revenge thrillers with morally objectionable women at the helm, female empowerment in film comes in wildly different shapes and sizes. This International Women's Day, we're celebrating all the inspirational women of cinema with a list of girl power movies every woman should see at some point.

The following 25 films spotlight all types of female empowerment, from early 1940s cinema to contemporary blockbusters. We've got your capital-i important biopics about the dauntless girls who broke down barriers for the benefit of all womankind. There's also a few tear-jerkers that pierce the heart, then put it back together with infectious optimism. Elsewhere, healing tales about female friendship make some of the best girl power movies.

But many of our picks veer from neat-and-tidy portraits of neat-and-tidy women. For every "Erin Brockovich" doing the good work, there's an "All About Eve" exposing the thin line between victim and villain. In fact, some of our favorite female characters have little to no moral justification for their deeds. Wanna see some women behaving badly? We'll "Gone Girl" you into next week! Others relish in their femininity while rejecting the very stereotypes that hold women back. Looking at you, "Barbie."

And who says a rom-com can't be jam-packed with female agency? Some of our favorite romances—including the revolutionary "His Girl Friday" (1940)—prove that women can serve the same dirtbag energy as their male counterparts, and look like a million bucks while doing it.

Below, our picks for girl power movies every woman should watch in her lifetime:

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