Jane Austen Adaptations
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Every Jane Austen Movie and TV Adaptation, Ranked From Worst to Best

27 titles, and only one has bewitched us body and soul.

In our world, Jane Austen occupies at least half the calendar year. The first sight of a brown leaf—the slightest sense of a chill in the air—and we're bidding the outside world adieu to watch a bunch of Regency-era young women go on long, suggestive walks with men in riding boots. Can't get enough of Austen's biting wit and time-tested romance? We set out to find the best Jane Austen movies and TV series ever made, coming out of our binge with a ranking that's 27 titles strong and that covers every laughable, lovable adaptation from 1940 to 2022.

Our list of Austen adaptations, ranked from worst to best, covers new and familiar territory. We pay homage to the Austen-mania of 1995, which gave us Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy, as well as the all-powerful As if! And we take a magnifying glass to every misbegotten "modernization" and stuffy BBC period piece known to man. Heck, we even give more recent adaptations, like the painfully sarcastic "Persuasion" (2022), their due. Odds are you'll discover a film or series you haven't seen before on this list, even if you're a card-carrying Janeite. It's even more likely that you'll go red with fury at some of our, er, warmer takes. (Gwyneth, you have so many gifts to be thankful for. Dynamite accent work is not one of them.) Finally, we throw our hat in the ring for the great 1995 vs. 2005 debate.

Consider the below ranking our glistening tablets brought down from the mount. Sure, we'll breeze through the more atrocious entries. But once we get to the real meat—the films and series that touch greatness—we're zealously making our case for the best Jane Austen movies and TV series ever made. 27 titles, and only one has bewitched us body and soul.

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