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Where Is 'Virgin River' Filmed? These Real-Life Filming Locations Are Worth Visiting

Add these real-life filming locations to your travel bucket list.

Netflix's popular drama Virgin River has swept away viewers for four seasons, and part one 1 of season 5 has finally (!!!) been released. Based on the novels by Robyn Carr, the hit show follows Melinda Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), who moves to the beautiful and remote town of the show's namesake after enduring traumatic events in Los Angeles. The show's slow-burning romantic moments and gripping twists are enough to keep you wishing more shows like Virgin River existed, but it's the stunning views and picturesque shots that'll have you longing for small-town life. So, where is Virgin River filmed? While Virgin River is not a real town in Humboldt County, California (though it is a real river that runs through Colorado), you can actually visit some of the places you see on the show. 

All five seasons were actually filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. And if any of the imagined Virgin River looks familiar, a number of other popular shows were also shot in Vancouver. You may recognize scenes from Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The L Word, and Once Upon a Time. 

What's more, many of these Virgin River filming locations areas aren't exotic places that will force you to spend an arm and a leg to travel to. You can even implement them into your own standalone vacations. Whatever the case may be, they're the perfect destinations for fans looking to see the show come to life in the real world around them. If you're searching for a scenic vacation that also happens to include spots from some of your favorite television shows, here are some of the most recognizable filming locations from Virgin River.

Snug Cove

Photo of Deep Cove in North Vancouver, BC, Canada


While Virgin River isn't a real town, Snug Cove near Vancouver has all the charm and charisma that you'd expect out of small-town life. On a seven-mile-long island, Snug Cove has a population of around 3,700. Virgin River uses establishing shots of Snug Cove's local library, main streets, and Artisan Lane, which is only a 20-minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver.


Aerial View from Lions Gate Bridge of Famous Seawall in Stanley Park. Sunny Summer Sunset. Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Back on the mainland, much of the show is shot in and around the city of Vancouver. In the north part of Vancouver, in Murdo Frazer Park, you can find the iconic, cozy cabin that Mel lives in after it was fixed up by Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson). In the pilot episode, Mel unhappily finds a rundown, dirty cabin meant to be her home. But Jack manages to spruce up the place, compelling Mel to stay in Virgin River. The cabin and its grassy yard serve as the background for a number of important scenes throughout the show. But this is not the cabin's television debut. It also starred in Once Upon a Time, The Flash and Supernatural

East of Vancouver, you can swing by Pioneer Avenue in Agassiz to find the stunning location of where the sign welcoming people to Virgin River sits in the show. The quaint homes and businesses surrounded by snowcapped mountains are worth a trip. 


abandoned pier, Barnet Marine Park, Burnaby, BC, Canada


East of downtown Vancouver, the city of Burnaby holds two iconic Virgin River shooting locations. Right on the Fraser River, Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park is the site of Paige's adorable food truck as well as the community picnic from Season 2. Enjoy picturesque views of the water and stroll through the park's famed riverfront trails while visiting. 

Plus, the mayor of Virgin River's house is only a short drive away in Burnaby. Hope McCrea's (Annette O'Toole) wood-framed bungalow sits along Deer Lake Drive and is registered as a historic heritage building. While the inside you see on the show is from a studio, the actual Edgar Residence was built in 1912 on the south side of the lake, surrounded by trees and a stream.


view of stawamus chief provincial park and squamish river estuary


The frequented (and only) bar in Virgin River is, of course, owned by Mel's love interest, Jack. Following the log cabin, Jack's Bar is the first place Mel visits after arriving in the small town. Though the interior shots are from a Vancouver studio, the outside of Jack's Bar is a real bar and grill. Around half an hour north of Vancouver, the Watershed Grill boasts having the only riverside patio in Squamish. The patio has stunning views of Squamish River and Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park, with a mountain vista in the background.

While it only provides some establishing shots during the third season, Brandywine Falls near Squamish is also part of the Virgin River world. More than 200 feet high, the waterfall is just one of the must-see spots along the Sea To Sky Highway, one of the most scenic drives in the world.

Shannon Falls Provincial Park

Shannon Falls, British Columbia - stock photo


Mel and Jack's ongoing love affair has no doubt been encouraged by some of the dreamy spots they traverse throughout the show. Only a short 10-minute drive from Squamish, you can discover a few of the most striking views in Shannon Falls Provincial Park, where Jack and Mel went fishing, picnicking and kayaking. A number of their breathtaking riverfront dates were filmed along the Squamish River. And if you're looking for the cascading thousand-foot waterfall featured in Season 4, take a short, half-mile hike for a lookout of Shannon Falls. 

Capilano River Regional Park 

Cable Pool Bridge. Capilano River Regional Park. North Vancouver, BC, Canada.


The first episode of Season 2 shows a jaw-dropping view from above of Mel running across a suspension bridge over a mossy forest and stream. This hanging bridge, near Capilano River Regional Park, was also the backdrop for a scene in Season 4 between Lizzie and Denny. Luckily, this breathtaking bridge called Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge is actually not fabricated and hangs in North Vancouver. Inside the park, another scene was filmed between Paige and Preacher amid forested trails and an adorable wooden bridge.

Grouse Mountain

Winter forest in the mountains over Vancouver and snow-capped peaks on the background of blue cloudy sky. The picture was taken from the cabin of the sky ride going to the ski slopes of the Grouse Mountains


The Lumberjack Games from an episode in Season 3 definitely captured the charm and excitement of small-town, low-stakes competition. This episode was primarily shot at Grouse Mountain, which is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Vancouver and actually hosts logger sports contests. In the winter, Grouse Moutain is great for skiing and snowboarding, and in the warmer months, you can recreate Jack and Mel's date by ziplining and racing across the rope bridge. 

Whonnock Lake, Maple Ridge

Whonnock Lake, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada


An hour outside of Vancouver, some additional establishing shots and a dock scene with Jack were filmed in Maple Ridge on Whonnock Lake. As a natural muskeg lake, Whonnock Lake boasts sandy beaches, tall trees, swimming, paddle boat rentals and more to enjoy. You can also stand on the end of the iconic dock and pretend you're overlooking Virgin River, just like Jack.

Great Yogi Pier

Shore view of the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver British Columbia. Downtown Vancouver can be seen in the distance.


If you're looking for another moody, nostalgic dock from Virgin River, head east of Vancouver for Rocky Point Park. There you can find the Great Yogi Pier in Port Moody, where Mel and Jack share a romantic moment in Season 4. Even if it's not idyllically foggy and rainy like it was for our passionate duo, you'll be able to relish the sweeping views of the Burrard Inlet.

Princess Park

Mel and Jack attending a renaissance faire on 'Virgin River'


If you're looking for a day walking through densely-packed trees that tower over you and fresh air, head over to Princess Park in north Vancouver. This was where the Renaissance Faire in the fourth season was filmed, amid all those shady trees. You can hike along the many trails in the park and try to imagine the smells of faire turkey legs and beer.

VanDusen Botanical Garden

Boardwalk through VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Getty/Claudia Cooper

In the first episode of Season 4, Jack and Mel stroll through a stunning botanical garden with a romantic wooden bridge and lily pads floating in a lake. This is actually VanDusen Botanical Garden in the Shaughnessy neighborhood of Vancouver. Created over a former golf course, the gardens house more than 7,500 species of plants across 55 acres.

When Can You Watch Season 5 of Virgin River?

The question on everyone's minds these days is: "When can I watch the next batch of episodes?" We've got great news for you. Virgin River Season 5 Part 1, which includes episodes 1 through 10, hits Netflix on September 7. Virgin River Season 5 Part 2 is set to follow on November 30, 2023 with episodes 11 and 12.

This article was originally published on September 7, 2020. It was updated on July 26, 2023. 

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