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Who Plays Jack on 'Virgin River'? Meet Martin Henderson

Turns out Jack Sheridan is a native Aussie.

Martin Henderson should look very familiar to Virgin River fans. He stars on the hit Netflix series opposite Alexandra Breckenridge as the heartthrob bar owner, Jack Sheridan. But there's a lot more to Henderson than his easy-on-the-eyes character. 

Born in New Zealand, this multifaceted actor has starred in everything from Grey's Anatomy to horror film The Ring. With the chops to embody characters in dramas, horror films, and even soap operas, he's a beguiling figure who's a lot more than just a pretty face. Chances are you've probably watched and enjoyed something he's been in at some point or another. Perhaps that led you here on your search to figure out what it was. But while he's been in some decidedly big-ticket shows and movies here and there, Virgin River is undoubtedly what he's best known for at the moment.

For good reason, too — it's been attracting plenty of eyes since it debuted on Netflix. And the show's fifth season is dropping on Sept. 7, so if you haven't yet jumped into the beloved, charming series, now's a great time to do so, or just binge-watch again from the beginning. You'll fall in love with Henderson's character before you know it. Everyone does. 

But why not learn a little more about the actor behind it all? Go deep, because we've unearthed plenty of facts about him that you won't find on a cursory Wikipedia search — even a few fun Easter eggs starring a certain pop star who's every bit as big as Madonna. There's a lot to uncover about this familiar face, that's for sure. And he's still starring in new projects left and right. 

While you're waiting for a whole set of new episodes, however, Henderson is quite the interesting character. We've put together a crash course in everything you need to know about this multifaceted actor, including some of his most famous roles, unexpected music video appearances, and more. Read on to gain a whole new appreciation for the actor, and then why not go on a pilgrimage to take in a little of everything he's been in? You can always go back to Virgin River in the end. 

Who is Martin Henderson?

Actor Martin Henderson attends Entertainment Weekly's 2016 Pre-Emmy Party at Nightingale Plaza on September 16, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

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Henderson grew up in Auckland, New Zealand where he started acting when he was just 13 years old. New Zealanders most likely recognize this Kiwi from his teenage days starring on the soap opera Shortland Street in the role of Stuart Neilson. He also appeared in Australian TV shows Sweat, Home and Away and Big Sky before moving over to American productions.

The actor told EW that the breakout role that put him on Hollywood's radar was appearing in the 2002 horror film The Ring with Naomi Watts. 

"It exceeded everyone's expectations. It's become a classic," he recalls. "It definitely put me on people's radars. Prior to that, I was still sort of running around town, desperately trying to get jobs."

Shonda Rhimes first put the New Zealand actor in the short-lived Off The Map series (as Dr. Ben Keeton), but Henderson is really most recognizable for starring as Dr. Nathan Riggs on Rimes' other medical drama, Grey's Anatomy, in seasons 12-14. Yes, he's the guy the network threw in there ASAP to replace Patrick Dempsey's character, McDreamy. We're glad he didn't stick around to romance Meredith Grey for too long because we can't imagine anyone else playing Jack on Virgin River. Over the years he's also appeared in multiple films including Everest (as Andy "Harold" Harris), Miracles From Heaven, Smokin' Aces (as Hollis Elmore), Bride & Prejudice. More recently, he starred in the A 24 horror film X.

He even starred in Britney Spears' music video for "Toxic," which he apparently didn't get paid for.

On Virgin River, based on Robyn Carr's novels, Henderson plays the love interest for Alexandra Breckenridge's character Mel, who moves to his small town in the mountains of California for a fresh start. According to Henderson, he feels extremely grateful to play such a moral character on the beloved show and giving people some hope in goodness and humanity. 

"There is something unusually... what's the word... comforting and cozy about it," he says. "It's refreshingly romantic, particularly in an era where so much of what we find on television, particularly on cable and on streaming, is this tendency to keep pushing the envelope toward darker, more sinister material. When I read this, I thought it would be quite nice to just play someone who is wholesome. People do still want some goodness. It feels like an honor to be bringing that to people's homes right now."

Outside of his acting career, Henderson is dating someone named Aisha Mendez. While details of their relationship have been primarily kept private, the two lovebirds look like they've been having quite the quarantine together out on the water (with Henderson's dog of course) and constantly on the beach based on the pics they've each shared on social media.

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