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Carrie Underwood Outfishes Her Husband Mike Fisher

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher recently spent some quality time fly fishing and, while Fisher is an experienced outdoorsman, he admits that Underwood put him to shame.

"This past weekend we were able to get away for some good quality time!" Fisher wrote on Instagram. "One thing we love to do together is fly fish but the thing I don't like about it is she catches bigger fish:)"

His wife was quick to point out that not only did she catch bigger fish, she also caught more.

"I catch more, too," Underwood responded in a comment.

Fisher is the co-founder of Catchin' Deers, an apparel company for hunters.

Last year, Wide Open Spaces interviewed Fisher, who said that the deer stand is one place Underwood wouldn't be joining him.

"No, she's not a fan of hunting, but you know what? I tell her all the time, she can't have it all," Fisher said.

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The couple has been spending quality family time outdoors. Fisher recently posted a photo of the couple's sons Isaiah and Jacob fishing.

"Isaiah showing Jacob the ropes. He's a great big brother with a huge heart!! I Love watching these 2 grow up but sometimes you just want to press the pause button!" Fisher wrote. "All you can do is take it in and thank God for these little moments!"

Earlier this year, the couple celebrated their ten year wedding anniversary by going horseback riding.

"The only way to celebrate 10 years is on a horse:) Its been the best 10 years of my life and look forward to many more by your side! One of the greatest blessings from God is marriage!!" Fisher wrote. "It's not always easy and it's definitely taught me a lot about myself, my faults and the things I need to work on but man it's been fun, and rewarding and keeps getting better. Love you @carrieunderwood"

It's clear that the couple loves spending time together and taking up new hobbies. Earlier this year, Underwood shared a video of her and Fisher's new role as beekeepers.

The couple recently starred in the documentary series Mike and Carrie: God & Country. 

Underwood and Fisher, a former NHL player for the Nashville Predators, met in late 2008 backstage at one of her concerts. In 2015, the couple welcomed their first child,  Isaiah Michael Fisher. In 2019, the couple welcomed second son, Jacob Bryan Fisher.

Underwood will release her first full-length Christmas album, My Gift, on September 25, 2020.

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