A Winter Princess

Your Guide to Hallmark's Royal Christmas Movies

'Tis the season for Princes in disguise.

We all know and love Hallmark's delectable holiday romances. But if you haven't queued up one of the network's Cinderella stories—many of which are part of Countdown to Christmas—you're missing out on some serious holiday magic. Hallmark royal Christmas movies deliver all the cozy, snowcapped holiday cheer you want in a good December binge session and then some. Because romance tends to get a little complicated when a throne is involved.

Below, we spotlight all 14 Hallmark royal Christmas movies, going all the way back to 2011's "A Princess for Christmas," in which "Outlander" star Sam Heughan plays a dashing Prince. Oh, and his father, the King? None other than James Bond himself, Sir Roger Moore. That's the thing about Hallmark's monarchy movies: They pull out all the stops. They're filmed at real-life castles across Europe, and they often feature legendary British actors (Jane Seymour, ya'll!).

The following films include romances and family dramas centered on some of your faves, including Queen of Hallmark Christmas Lacey Chabert, Paul Campbell, Brooke D'Orsay and newly-minted Hallmark couple Katie Cassidy and Stephen Huszar, who actually began dating while filming their royal romp "A Royal Christmas Crush." To top it off, we've rounded up a couple honorable mentions that aren't set at Christmas, but are nonetheless festive.

So fill up that cocoa and straighten your tiara. Here's your guide to all 14 Hallmark royal Christmas movies.

Honorable Mentions

The following flicks may not be Christmas movies, but they offer irresistible royal storylines in cozy winter settings.

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