Lacey Chabert's 15 Best Hallmark Christmas Movies To Enjoy Over The Holidays

All 14 Lacey Chabert Christmas joints and where to stream them.

Every year, without fail, the Hallmark Channel rolls out the red-and-green carpet for its Countdown to Christmas extravaganza. And no one has trod that festive ground more expertly than Lacey Chabert, who will have starred in her fourteenth Hallmark Christmas movie by year's end. She could be waltzing along to a nostalgic holiday classic with one of her favorite movie boyfriends, Will Kemp, or jet-setting to some beautiful European city for the destination Christmas of your dreams. Wherever you find her, she's brimming with holiday cheer. That's why we've rounded up every single Lacey Chabert Hallmark movie with Christmas on the brain, plus where to stream them.

After all, would we have made such strides in Christmas culture without 2016's monumental A Christmas Melody, co-starring Chabert and Mariah Carey? Who plays a pastry chef plunged into a high-stakes holiday baking competition better than Chabert? And don't even get us started on her queenly turn in A Royal Christmas (2014), which put a fresh, festive spin on what a royal romance flick could be.

Whether you're new to the Mean Girls veteran's specific holiday allure or snuggling up for a rewatch of her greatest hits, here are all of Lacey Chabert's Hallmark Christmas movies for your viewing pleasure. With a whopping 14 (or, as we argue, 15) holiday films to devour, Chabert's Christmas catalog is bound to last you at least a few days of cozy, couch-ridden bingeing.

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