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6 DIY Swing Set Kits for Your Little Ones

With more time being spent at home, it's a great time to tackle a home improvement project that will keep your kids busy for hours in the backyard. These swing set kits are perfect for a rewarding yet simple do-it-yourself project that will take outdoor play to the next level. If your kids have a playhouse, adding a tire swing, a swing set, or a tree swing is an easy way to upgrade their play area.

We've compiled a list of some of the best and simplest swing set kits and swing set hardware kits for creating the ultimate backyard playset. Whether you want to add to your backyard playground or give your kids a traditional wooden swing set to enjoy, these products from Amazon have you covered.

Best Swing Kits

1. Eastern Jungle Gym Easy 1-2-3 A-Frame 2 Brackets for Swing Set with All Mounting Hardware, Green

This swing set hardware kit is perfect for a do-it-yourself project that your kids will love. You can create a backyard playset and put whatever add-ons you'd like, including swing seats, bars, or other playground equipment.

2. Safe Kidz Deluxe Wooden Swing Set Brackets :: Set of 2 Steel Swing Braces, Set of 4 Playset Hangers, Drill Bit & All of The Hardware & Instructions for Easy Installations

Make the most of your backyard swing set with this hardware kit. It allows for a wide variety of swing set accessories, so you can fully customize it to make it the backyard playground of your children's dreams. The heavy-duty swing hangers in this kit are perfect for any outdoor swing.

3. Pioneer Custom DIY Play Set Hardware Kit (wood not included)

If you don't want to buy outdoor swings separately, this DIY swing set kit comes with all the equipment you'll need to create a swing set. It comes with fully illustrated swing set plans and swing hangers to make it a quick and painless home improvement project.

4. Kodiak Custom Play Set Hardware Kit (wood not included)

This Kodiak custom playset comes with everything except the wood, making your DIY job that much simpler. With belt swings, play handles, a tarp, and a lot of custom play options, you can transform your children's outdoor play area into an ultimate backyard playground.

5. Jack & June Heavy-Duty DIY Wooden Swing Set Kits - Metal Bracket and Hardware for Safe, Easy Playset Installation

The heavy-duty stainless steel construction on this DIY swing set kit makes it a great option for children of various ages. This swing set hardware kit advertises the construction of an A-frame swing set in a short amount of time. You'll need to purchase the lumber for the swing beam and legs on your own, but everything else is taken care of for you.

6. Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Kit for Kids 37 PCS 52' Ninja Line & Slackline Hanging Monkey Bars Fists Gym Rings Swing Rope Ladder Portable Outdoor Ninja Course Training Equipment Set for Backyard

If you live in an alpine area and want to take advantage of some of the natural trees around you, this ninja warrior obstacle kit for kids is a super simple do-it-yourself project that will transform the nearby woods into a backyard playground. Made with stainless steel, plastic, and metal, this swing set kit comes with monkey bars, a swing set, and tons more.

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