skateboard tree swing

Skateboard Tree Swings: The Ultimate Toy for Never-Ending Backyard Fun

Where was this skateboard tree swing when I was a kid!? Did anyone else use to stand up on swing sets? I know many of us were brave when it came to playing on playground swings. We used to swing as high as we could go and jump off the swing! Oh gosh, we were daredevils!

Why was it fun to do everything but sit on the swing? Oh, just take me back to the good ol' days. Hopefully, this tree swing has a weight capacity for adults because I want to give it a go! (After the kiddos do, of course!)

Skateboard Tree Swings

1. Sk8Swing | The Original Wooden Skateboard Tree Swing | Perfect for Outdoor Kids Swing or Play Sets

  • Great for core exercise
  • Made in the United States
  • Hang up to 13-feet high
  • Amazon pricing: Under $80

Well, it looks like I'm in luck. This skateboard swing has a weight capacity of 225 pounds. This is an awesome toy for little ones who need some more excitement in the backyard. Summertime creeps us on so quickly each year, which means kids are eager for outdoor play.

With the pandemic still active, you can't go wrong with this tree swing. This outdoor swing will give your kids a reason to get out of the playroom and get some fresh air this summer. It's simple to set up, so no need to worry about assembly. No tools are needed. It comes with everything you need!

You can attach this swing to swing sets or hang it from a tree or any solid structure. If the kids like the tire swing, then they're going to love this! Parents, hang out in the hammock while the kids enjoy their swing. (Or, be a cool mom and join the kids!)

Kay gave it five stars and said, "Very responsive supplier who takes pride in their product. My granddaughters love it! I would recommend buying this item." Check out another fantastic review below.

2. Swurfer The Original Tree Swing with Skateboard Seat Design and Adjustable Handles... (TreeSkate Undawadda)

Here's where swings meet skateboards. The TreeSkate features a flat, tapered skateboard deck, which encourages pumping your legs to generate huge amounts of momentum to swing high! That sounds like a fun workout for kids! Swinging on this swing set will be so fun that little ones won't even realize they're getting a workout in.

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3. Swurfer Kick Stand Up Surfing Tree Swing Outdoor Swings for Kids Up to 150 Lbs - Hang from Up to 10 Feet High - Includes 24" SwingBoard, UV Resistant Rope, & Handles

It's time to surf through the air with the Swurfer Kick Stand Up Tree Swing. This swing is portable and can be set up in minutes! Use it in the backyard or at your next campsite. Unlike the original Swurfer, this swing is made of durable plastic with a weight capacity of 150 pounds.

This heavy-duty swing comes with UV and mildew resistant double braided rope to hang from up to 10 feet high, and a set of handles. No tree branch? No problem. You can also hang this swing from a swing set.

Also consider: Swurfer Sway Premium Coated Maple Wood Swing with Strong Braided UV Resistant Rope - Holds Up to 150 Pounds

Interested in making a safe DIY rope swing for your 2-year-old? Check out YouTube for tutorials. Be sure to also visit Walmart for weather-resistant jungle gyms, spider web swings, swing seats, and nylon rope for DIY swings.

For indoor fun, consider indoor trampolines.

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This post was originally published on December 22, 2020.