75 foot water slide

This 75-Foot Water Slide Can Be Yours for Under $130

You're probably wondering how to get your kids outside for some summertime fun. They don't want to be cooped up indoors all summer, and you don't want them to be either. Water parks, tubing trips, and beach trips can be expensive, and swimming pools can be pricey and require maintenance. An exciting water activity you can set up on your lawn is the heavy-duty Wahii 75-foot backyard water slide.

Yes, you read that right, 75-feet long! Before a kid can acquire the confidence of those steep water slides at a water park, they have to start with a backyard water slide to experience the fun. The Wahii backyard water slide will be a hit at all your hot summer festivities. Taking a group of kids to the water park for a birthday party this summer won't be cheap. Wahii has you covered with an awesome water slide.

If your kids are older, the typical 16-foot Slip 'N Side probably won't cut it for them. The fun just won't last as long on a 16-foot lawn water slide, but with a 75-foot slide, you'll feel like you're at a water park. With the Wahii backyard water slide at 75-feet long and 12 feet wide, this summer gadget is one of the best backyard water slides.

Adults can experience the thrill of a backyard water slide all over again. This giant backyard water slide can hold 256lbs per square foot.

The high-quality water slide comes with everything you need to set it up. There isn't a garden hose hook-up for the slide. Simply place it on top of the slide and wet it with enough water. It's that easy, but there are some extra things you can do to make the experience unforgettable!

You can create some games for the Wahii backyard water slide. The dimensions make it easy for kids to share. Some water toys you can use for an exciting game of racing down the slide are inflatable boogie boards.

1. Intex Joy Riders

Seeing who can get down the water slide faster would be a fun game! The Intex Joy Riders have over four stars on Amazon, and you get 2 for under $20! There are even handles on the Intex boards for stability.

2. Inflatable Mermaid Tail Pool Float

Mermaid Float

If you decide you want a more laid-back ride down the water slide, I would say go with a pool float you can sit in. I don't know about you, but animal-themed pool floats will never go out of style. Flamingo and swan pool floats have been trendy for the past few summers.

If you want to go with something different this year, I would check out this Jasonwell Inflatable Mermaid Tail Pool Float. You can go down the water slide in style for under $21.

3. Unicorn Pool Float

If you're really about some fun, check out this multi-person Unicorn pool float! No need to sit and wait for your turn for the water slide this summer.

You'll need an air pump for your water toys and floats, so be prepared with an air pump.

4. The Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

Want to go all out and create a bigger water park in your own backyard? The Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer is the ultimate kids' inflatable bouncer. The River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer has a climbing wall so kids can slide down at an incline.

This comes in handy if you don't have a hill on your lawn to enhance a water slide. It has two slides and a splash pool at the bottom to slide into, creating the ultimate cool-off zone. The weight limit is 350 pounds, so up to four kids can play on it.

5. Intex Gator Inflatable Play Center

We can't forget about the babies. Since they're not quite ready for a bounce house or long water slide, they can cool off in a small inflatable water park. Perfect for ages two and up, this will be your baby's cool off spot for summer outdoor play.

The Intex Gator Inflatable Play Center has an inflatable splash pool, inflatable water slide, shade spot, and attached inflatable animals to create a cute vacation spot for your little ones. They will love this while the older kids enjoy the water slide!

With the Wahii 75-foot water slide, this summer will be one for the books. As much as you want to travel to beaches and water parks this summer, you can save some money and bring the water park to your lawn with a 75-foot long water slide by Wahii for the whole family.

Create the ultimate getaway in your backyard for endless summer fun. For inflatable pools, water games, inflatable sprinklers, and water cannons, check out Amazon.

This post was originally published on June 7, 2019.

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