This Bracelet Monitors Your Body's UV Activity for Safer Sun Time

Spending your days outside during these warm months is good for the soul. There's something about feeling the sun on your skin that just boosts your mood. Unfortunately, sun exposure is one of those cases where too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

While we do need vitamin D, overexposure of the sun could lead to skin cancer. It's hard to tell when you've had too much sun. Are three hours enough? Most people notice their skin color changes within an hour of being outside. Thanks to the SunFriend Personal UV Monitor, you'll be able to monitor your UV activity.

SunFriend Personal UV Monitor, Black

  • UV wristband is great for all skin types
  • Monitors daily UV intake
  • Helpful aid to prevent sun damage

This wearable sun monitor looks like a watch, but the specs are beyond telling you time. The SunFriend is here to help you monitor UV exposure. Customize your SunFriend bracelet for your skin color before using it. Once you've reached your daily limit, LED lights will flash.

SunFriend's wearable bracelet is waterproof up to three meters. It should be safe to use in your pool. Also, feel free to use it while floating the river. In a time where many people can say they know someone who's lived with skin cancer at some point, you have to agree that this gadget is a gamechanger.

UV rays feel good on our skin for a while, but sunburn and skin cancer isn't fun. You can find the SunFriend on Amazon. The vitamin D council approves it, so you can be assured that the UV sensors are impeccable. Not only should you consider a bracelet monitor, but you should always have the sun essentials.

Sunscreen, bucket hats, and shades are helpful. Plus, no one likes dealing with pesky sunspots later on in life. Take care of your skin now by monitoring your UV intake.

This post was originally published on March 5, 2020.

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