melted crayon pumpkin
melted crayon pumpkin

Melted Crayon Pumpkins Will Be Your New Favorite Fall DIY


Fall is right around the corner, so it's the perfect time to take advantage of pumpkin decorating! There are tons of DIY crafts out there that utilize pumpkins, but if you think its too soon to carve pumpkins, we're all about the melted crayon pumpkin craft right now. 

While the final product might seem a bit daunting, it's actually easy to make and the end result is really fun. It's a fun Halloween craft for the whole family if you're looking for something other than carving those pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns! If you want, you can even use faux pumpkins so that your final creation can be used year after year. Let's get to crafting!


Pumpkin (a white pumpkin shows off the colors better)


Crayon pieces (even broken crayons wasting space in the box will do!)

Tacky Glue

Hair Dryer


Take off the paper wrapping on your crayons. Obviously the idea is to melt the colors down the pumpkin so you can't have the paper in the way. Take note of how many crayons you'll actually need to put on the pumpkin. Unless it's a huge pumpkin, you might need to cut the crayons in half like they do in the above video. 


Get creative with your crayon colors! This really is crayon art, so use as many different colors as you'd like. Just make sure that the crayons can fit on top of the pumpkin. It's also probably best to use a real pumpkin. You don't want to accidentally melt your other plastic decor while you're in the process of this craft.

Once you have your colors, glue them in a circle on the pumpkin. Honestly, this is so easy even for people who aren't typically crafty. After that, crank up the blow dryer and aim it at the crayons. Voila, melted crayon art. 

The video puts the dryer on low and it takes a few minutes for the crayons to melt and splatter down the pumpkin. And that's all there is to it! There's really no messing this up and you can always go back and melt some additional crayons if you don't like the finished product. We recommend setting some garbage bags down on the ground to block any melted crayon that might slide off the pumpkins.

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