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Texas Family Builds Gruene Hall Replica for Daughter's Playhouse

Gruene Hall is an iconic site for all Texans. Located in New Braunfels, the building is the oldest dance hall in the state, and it regularly hosts legendary performers. Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and George Strait have all graced its stage.

One family loved Gruene Hall so much that they commissioned a playhouse replica of it crafted for their daughter Grace. The mini-Gruene home was aptly named "Grace Hall."

The one of a kind Gruene Hall playhouse, replica playhouse was built by Lilliput Play Homes, a company that creates distinct and unique playhouses for kids. They've created kid mansions, old west towns, lighthouses and even a pirate ship playhouse. Lilliput built Grace Hall on-site in just eight weeks.

Gruene Hall Play House Replica
Lilliput Play Homes

Here's the actual exterior of the dance hall.

The interior was so detailed, Lilliput even cut grooves and hand-painted wood grains to look more like the inside of Gruene Hall.

The stage inside the playhouse is just like Gruene's and gives Grace and all her friends a place to grab their boots and guitars and performs. Notice the recreated stage curtain that matches the original hall.

GRuene Hall Play House
Lilliput Play Homes

The water tower replica comes equipped with a slide, providing a space for Grace to have some fun after those long performances on the Grace Hall stage.

Gruene Hall Play house
Lilliput Play Homes

Inside the playhouse, there is also a mini-kitchen and plenty of shelving for Grace to set her boots and cowboy hats.

Lucky kids!

This post was originally published in 2016.

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Texas Family Builds Gruene Hall Replica for Daughter's Playhouse