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You Can Turn Your Property into a Barn Home Getaway with These Kits

It's no secret that we love barn homes here at Wide Open Country. They embody the country lifestyle, combining rustic charm with functional floor plans, plenty of sq ft, and durability. Did you know that using a kit to build your dream home or vacation getaway can be affordable and remarkably efficient?

Barn home kits are a hot housing trend across the country, especially here in Texas. They're durable, your home design is highly customizable, and they create minimal amounts of waste during the construction process. A majority of the barn kits built across the U.S. come from Barn Pros, a Washington-based company. They design the best home kits on the market and offer tons of custom options for each building project.

Home, Stable, Workshop — Whatever You Need

Barn Pros makes a wide range of home building structure kits, including equestrian stables, workshops, hobby spaces, garages, and more. Their most popular building plan is Denali, a masterfully-designed home that combines a stylish permanent residence with functional utility living space.

barn home kits

This Denali in Washington serves primarily as a vacation home, with a workshop and storage space on the lower level. Barn Pros

barn home kits

This Denali in California includes equestrian stables and a gym below the residence. Barn Pros

Homes Designed for You

The real fun starts with the customization process. You can browse online through the dozens of exterior and interior options for each kit. You can tweak the design to reflect your taste before the build process starts and later when the construction takes place. Barn Pros also hand makes all of the products you order. Want the home to be a two-story? What some extra living quarters to maximize your square feet? Just make the request, and you can have your barn style home exactly how you want it.

barn home kits

From custom gable treatments to residential door hardware, Barn Pros lets you tailor the kit to your tastes. Barn Pros

barn home kits

You can opt for a sleek modern space like the interior of this Denali. Barn Pros

barn home kits

Country charm abounds in this Denali kitchen. Barn Pros

Built to Last, Built for Customization

Barn Pros uses a unique grid-based system to design their high-quality homes, which translates to a sturdier structure with more custom options. Posts support the timber frame so you can place windows and doors where you want.

barn home kits

The open layouts offer more space and personalization options. Barn Pros

barn home kits

Barn Pros uses Douglas Fir, Western Cedar, and specialty lumber options to build homes that last for decades. Barn Pros

Your Builder is Going to Love You

From start to finish, Barn Pros can design and ship the building kit to you in just a few weeks. That's a massive difference from the months and years it can take to complete traditional house plans.

You also won't have to deal with all the professionals that it takes to finish a typical construction project. The purchase cost includes all of the blueprints, lumber, and hardware to build the home. It's worth noting that the concrete, nails, and final layer of roofing are not included. In the end, you save thousands that you'd have to spend on professionals like architects, general contractors, and suppliers.

barn home kits

You can assemble the kit yourself or go with the recommended option of hiring a local builder. Barn Pros

barn home kits

From start to finish, the building process often takes weeks rather than months. Barn Pros

Now you can see why these kits have become so popular. Not only do they look great and are built to last, but they're also super-efficient.

Want to learn more about ordering your dream barn home? Visit Barn Pros.

This post was originally published in 2017.

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