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9 Country Stars Who Love to Fish 

Unsurprisingly, country music singers have a reputation for singing about the typical country lifestyle. Hunting songs, fishing songs, drinking-beer songs — it's all right there in the music. And many country singers don't just talk the country boy talk, but they also walk the walk, meaning that they're out there doing all the country activities they sing about. One of these activities is fishing, and there are plenty of country stars who you may see out on the lake or the river casting a line. Here's a list of 9 country stars who fish.

1. Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton is a busy guy. Between recording music in Nashville, touring, and taping NBC's The Voice in Los Angeleshe likely doesn't have much free time. However, the singer still finds time to live the country life at his home in Oklahoma, and part of living the country life is fishing regularly. Shelton has shared many fishing pictures on social media throughout the years, and in one of his most recent pics from April, he's showing off a big fish he caught that he identified as a paddlefish.

"I'll bet some of y'all have never heard of a paddlefish," he wrote alongside the photo. "We got them here in my home state! Y'all come to Oklahoma where the outdoors are always open!"

2. Luke Bryan

In addition to being a country music superstar, Luke Bryan is an avid outdoorsman. After all, he was the artist who sang, "Huntin', Fishin', and Lovin' Every Day." Bryan often posts snaps from his fishing adventures, and in May, he got out on the water with his two sons, fishermen Bill Dance and Kevin VanDam, and Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris. And in June, Bryan met up with fellow country star Thomas Rhett and helped Rhett's daughter Willa catch a snapper for the first time.

3. Thomas Rhett

That leads us to our next country star fisherman: Thomas Rhett. As stated, Rhett met up with Luke Bryan earlier this summer, where Bryan helped Willa catch a fish. Rhett posted a sweet photo of his daughter and his friend on social media. Rhett has posted many other fishing photos over the years, and on Father's Day, he posted a throwback photo of himself and his dad, Rhett Akins, fishing when he was young.

4. Brad Paisley

Just like his fellow country superstars, guitar virtuoso Brad Paisley also lives the country lifestyle. Considering one of his early hits, "I'm Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin' Song)," is about a man choosing to fish over spending time with his own wife, you can be certain the Paisley is going to find time to get out on the lake. He doesn't post about fishing quite as much as his country counterparts, but in July 2020, he posted a dramatic video of himself catching a fish and then setting it free.

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5. Luke Combs

Luke Combs is a country artist who can often be found "hookin' 'em and reelin' 'em in." The hit singer-songwriter regularly posts photos of his various fishing trips, which often take place with his wife, Nicole. In April, he and Nicole posed with a large catch, and in March, the two took a fishing trip to Montana. Just scrolling through Combs' Instagram, fans are likely to find many fishing pictures.

6. Jason Aldean

While he hasn't posted too many pics of his recent catches, Jason Aldean is another artist who has been known to go fishing quite often. He and wife Brittany and their family often take trips to the beach and there's usually a fishing rod or two in the photos he posts. In April, he posted a photo of himself on a boat with a fishing rod in the background, along with the fishing emoji and the hashtag "#inmyelement" in the caption.

7. Tim McGraw

Like Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney and the many country stars who love the ocean, Tim McGraw can often be found on the water. McGraw and Hill actually own a home on a private island in the Bahamas, which they recently listed for sale for $35 million. Even though he's selling his island home, we're sure McGraw will still make it out on the water. The legendary singer is a serious fisherman and even spearfishes. He posted a photo from a spearfishing expedition in April showing himself and three men with fish to spare. "Good day out with the crew! Lots of diving!" he wrote. He posted other photos in April of himself with a Wahoo fish and a hogfish.

8. Justin Moore

It's no surprise that a guy who sings a song called "Bait A Hook" is an avid fisherman, and that guy is country star Justin Moore. In the "Bait A Hook" music video, Moore is stuck with a pretty dismal fishing set up, but we're sure his real-life equipment is much better. Moore hasn't shared a photo of one of his catches in a while, but in March, he was featured in a video for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency in which he encourages people to get their fishing license.

9. Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley seems to be spending most of his time in the great state of Colorado these days, and while he can often be found hiking or mountain biking, he's been known to do his fair share of fishing as well. The "Gone" singer and Luke Bryan fished together in Colorado during the weekend of his Seven Peaks Festival in 2019. Bentley posted a photo of a trout he caught, noting that he had caught more than Bryan that day.

"btw... @lukebryan only caught one and this is my third in 30 mins... not that it's a competition... totally not... fishing and Seven Peaks is all about community and good vibes... but if it was a competition... I would be crushing him," he wrote.

That fishing picture ended up backfiring on him when he was approached by an officer afterwards and given a ticket for not having a fishing license. He was fined $139.50 for the offense.