Luke Combs + Nicole Hocking: Inside Their 'Beautiful Crazy' Love Story

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Luke Combs and Nicole Hocking have officially tied the knot at their southern Florida home. The "Hurricane" and "Beer Never Broke My Heart" singer shared the news on social media on Sunday, August 2, 2020. The country singer also shared a couple snapshots of the newlywed's big day.

"Yesterday was the best day of my life. I got to marry my best friend," Combs wrote. "I love you @nicohocking, here's to forever."

The couple announced their engagement in 2018 after two years of dating. It seems pretty clear to anyone following them on social media that they have something pretty special. Here are a few things you might not have known about Nicole Hocking and a few reasons why we love their sweet love story.

1. She was with Luke before he was famous

When Hocking and Combs started dating in 2016 after being introduced by mutual friends, he was the definition of a struggling musician. He had no record deal or publishing deal, and his manager had never managed anyone before.

"Everybody was like, 'Yeah, this is never gonna work,'" Combs told People in 2018, "and so I didn't have anything when we met."

2. She's from Florida

Hocking grew up in Fort Myers and majored in civil engineering at Florida Gulf Coast University. After school, she moved to Nashville.

3. She also works in the music business

Though Hocking frequently spends time with Combs while he's on tour, she works for BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) Nashville. Through her position at BMI, she was able to meet a ton of A-list performers in the music world and helped Combs while he was still moving up in the industry. She has also turned into a social media personality with over 300k followers on Instagram.

4. She "said yes" at home

Despite being a huge star, Combs chose to propose to his longtime love in the privacy of their Nashville home. He announced the big news on social media with a beautiful photo in Hawaii after they had time to enjoy the special time privately.

"She said yes a while ago, but this is a way better place to take pictures than the kitchen," he wrote. "Can't wait to spend forever with you @nicohocking I Love You! #Mahalo"

5. She stands up against all the haters 

She has no patience for anyone body-shaming Combs and criticizing her for dating "a bigger guy". In 2019 she took to Twitter to set the record straight, saying, "It's 2019. The double standard for this is absolutely disgusting." We couldn't agree more Nicole!

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6. She has inspired some of his music

Combs told ABC News that he wrote "Beautiful Crazy" about Hocking, which went on to win Song of the Year at the CMA (Country Music Association) Awards.

"That got me some serious brownie points. That was before we were officially dating," Combs said

The music video for another song inspired by Hocking, "Forever After All," features footage from the couple's wedding.

7. She really is his better half

Combs has never been shy about talking about how much he loves his wife. In 2018, he posted a sweet photo of Hocking on vacation and gushed about how incredible she is.

"This is my baby and this is my favorite picture of her," he wrote. "She's gonna be mad at me for posting it probably because it's not perfect but she is. This picture encompasses everything that has made me fall in love with her. Her natural beauty, her smile, personality, and the way she lives life. She's having a rough day and I'm far away, which is the hardest part of what I do, but I'm coming home baby, I'll see you soon. I Love You."


After winning his 2019 CMA Award, he took the opportunity to praise Hocking for all of her support on Instagram. Could they get any cuter?!

"I won a CMA award last night but I showed up a winner because of this amazing woman," he wrote. "Thank you for believing in me, supporting me, and eating cookout with me at 1:30am after the awards. I love you so much @nicohocking, you're incredible inside and out."

This story was previously updated on Aug. 2, 2020.


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Luke Combs + Nicole Hocking: Inside Their 'Beautiful Crazy' Love Story