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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's Home Is This 1,300-Acre Oklahoma Ranch

Shelton and Stefani call the Ten Point Ranch in Tishomingo, Okla. home.

Ever since the country singer and pop star first came together after meeting on The Voice, fans have been all in on Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's sweet love story. The two couldn't be more different, with Shelton preferring his quiet ranch life in Oklahoma and Stefani raising her three boys in Los Angeles, but sometimes opposites attract, and throughout their relationship, Stefani has proven that she might have a bit of country girl in her after all. It seems her new love brought out a side of her no one expected, but it's been fun for fans to see as the two continued to grow closer over the years. Who would have ever thought Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani would make the perfect couple? Somehow, it really works.

Throughout the course of their relationship, they have spent a fair amount of time out in Shelton's native Oklahoma, where even Stefani's three big city boys fell in love with the relaxed way of life and spending time outside. It was such a special place for them, they decided that it would be the ideal spot to tie the knot. On July 3, 2021, Stefani and Shelton wed in an intimate ceremony on Shelton's Oklahoma ranch. The big day was exquisite, according to all the photos on social media, and has left fans wondering more about the country singer's enormous Tishomingo residence — Ten Point Ranch.

Life on Blake Shelton's Ranch

Country Fancast gave viewers an inside look at Shelton's private home with a video tour of the impressive property. The sprawling ranch also includes ponds and creeks but also a river that flows through the vast woods which make up much of the ranch. On the land, Shelton's four-bedroom house takes up 2,150 square feet — fairly modest for a country superstar! However, Shelton added a white mansion to Ten Point Ranch. No doubt for his new bride! (Get it? Get it?). You can also get a more dramatized version of the ranch in Shelton's music video for "God's Country" which was filmed onsite.

Blake Shelton's ranch, called the Ten Point Ranch, is more than 1,300 acres big and sits in rural Oklahoma — just ten minutes from the small town Tishomingo. (Ten Point Ranch is also just a one-hour drive from Shelton's set of lake houses on Lake Texoma.) Shelton himself grew up in Ada, Okla., before moving to Nashville when he was just 17 to pursue music. By the early 2000s, Shelton was a certifiable country star. Just look at some of Shelton's best songs that still stand the test of time.

It's unclear when exactly Shelton purchased his large piece of real estate near Tishomingo, Oklahoma. But since moving to the area, he's become embedded in the local Tishomingo culture and owns a restaurant there, Ole Red, as well as a conjoined dance hall called The Dog House.

In 2014, Shelton joined NBC's The Voice as a judge. It was there that he met fellow judge, the No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, and fell in love. Being a famous rocker, Stefani seemed like an unlikely match for Shelton. But as the couple continued dating, it was clear Stefani warmed up to the rural lifestyle. (She looks damn good in camo.) Over the past few years, the couple regularly traveled to Shelton's ranch from Los Angeles, Calif. Stefani's three sons, whom she shares with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, also visit Oklahoma often. The sentiment is explored in the couple's 2020 duet, "Happy Anywhere."

An Oklahoma Love Story

It's clear from Stefani's social media posts that she's thriving on the couple's gorgeous ranch. The pop singer frequently shares her gardening ventures and loves to showcase the beautiful flowers she grows on the land.


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Earlier this year, Stefani nodded to her "opposites attract" relationship with Shelton in a TikTok referencing their differences.

"When you're with a guy from Oklahoma who rides tractors and you're from Orange County, but it just works," she writes.

The "Just a Girl" hitmaker has also shared how life in Oklahoma has shaped her.

"Just Oklahoma in general, like, I didn't know I needed that," Stefani said in an interview on British talk show Lorraine. "I didn't know anything about nature, really, because I grew up at the Anaheim. So, for me, I just didn't have that experience to go and just be in nature and to garden."

"Gardening, for me, is just a super amazing middle ground for me and Blake where we come together and we're so into it," she added.

Stefani returns to season 24 of The Voice — the first without Shelton — on Sept. 25, 2023.

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