Blake Shelton Drives Elvis Presley's Truck on 'Jay Leno's Garage'

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In an episode of CNBC's Jay Leno's Garage debuting this Wednesday (May 20), Blake Shelton goes for a joyride in a vintage GMC truck with the series' namesake in the passenger seat.

A couple of superstars conversing in a vintage vehicle sounds like enough incentive to tune in, but as Shelton finds out on screen, this segment involves no ordinary truck-- It's Elvis Presley's truck.

In teaser footage People shared from this Wednesday's episode, Leno springs this surprise on his guest chauffeur.

"This is Elvis' truck, we had it shipped out here for you to drive," Leno tells the country singer. "I wanted you to get the feel of it."

The King of Rock and Roll doesn't exactly have a reputation as a pickup man, with a lot of us imagining him driving around Graceland and Memphis in a pink Cadillac or something even more luxurious.

"He did drive a truck," Leno explains. "He had a lot of vehicles. So you are sitting where the King sat."

"Now I'm getting nervous," Shelton admits. "That is literally unbelievable. I never would've dreamed that Elvis Presley even owned a truck."

As a late night talk show veteran should, Leno encourages The Voice coach to do something out of the ordinary: disobey a traffic light while driving a vehicle that belonged to the late Presley.

"You see, when you're driving Elvis' truck, you can go through red lights," Leno says. "That's one of the superpowers you get."

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Shelton's recent television appearances beyond The Voice and Leno's series include a coronavirus precautions-friendly appearance on the Grand Ole Opry stage alongside girlfriend and duet partner Gwen Stefani, performed without a live audience.

This article was originally published in May of 2020.

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Blake Shelton Drives Elvis Presley's Truck on 'Jay Leno's Garage'