Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Private Island
Screengrab via YouTube

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Sell Insane Private Island in the Bahamas

In 2017, the internet became abuzz with discussion over Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's video feature for Architectural Digest. In it, they show off their insane Caribbean estate on a 17-acre private island. Fast-forward to Feb. 2021, and the country music power couple's retreat in the Bahamas, L'île d'Anges, could've been yours for $35 million.

As of Oct. 2021, the island's off the market, per its Knight Frank listing. No word on the final sale price. Nor do we know why the couple parted with what would've been a heck of a retreat from their hectic filming schedule for 1883.

In their interview, McGraw and Hill discuss how they literally built the complex from the ground up, installing water and power to the entire island. They even built "staff houses" for the construction workers and the lucky people who get to keep the home in shape while the couple's on the road or back in Tennessee.

"We set out to build a house," Hill told the New York Post. "We had no idea we had to build everything else. (So) we basically had to build a little town."

The couple purchased the island in 2003 and had its own "little town" by 2012.

You can get a very stylized and cinematic look at their home away from home in the video below.

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Per its listing, the island's 105 miles south east of Nassau, 280 miles from Miami and 312 miles from Palm Beach, so it's not too bad of a plane ride from Florida.

"The island itself extends to some 20 acres with almost 1.3 miles of water frontage," the listing reads. "The main residence is at a high point in the centre of the island next to two beautiful white sandy beaches, which connect on either side of the island through the abundant palm trees."