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15 'Yellowstone' Inspired Christmas Gifts Every Dutton Fan Will Love

Gifts that even John Dutton would love.

Gift-giving is a skill that requires some serious forethought. There's nothing wrong with going the gift card or cash route (as it all but guarantees they'll enjoy their present), but sometimes, you want to go above and beyond to show someone how much you care. To do that, you've got to look at the things that they're passionate about. Have someone on your nice list who spends all their free time rewatching old "Yellowstone" episodes? Or cosplaying as a ranch hand? Or researching ranches in Montana? Then, finding a "Yellowstone" gift that's on theme will be a surefire way to make them light up like a Christmas tree.

While it would be easy enough to grab a promotional t-shirt, there's a good chance your "Yellowstone" stan already has a closet full of them. The same goes with the DVD set of the complete "Yellowstone" seasons. To really make their Yuletide merry and bright, you've got to think outside the box a bit. What would an aspiring Dutton want but might not yet have? What would make their holiday season even more special?

If you're on the hunt for some "Yellowstone"-inspired gifts, we've got you covered with 15 ideas that even John Dutton (Kevin Costner) would approve of.

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