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16 Shows 'Yellowstone' Fans Will Love While They Wait for the Finale

Shows to sate the appetites of the 'Yellowstone'-starved as we await the back half of season 5.

Yellowstone fans are facing a long and brutal drought. A confluence of factors has pushed the back half of season 5 into the unforeseeable future. Production was first delayed when Kevin Costner had his time pulled away from the series by both his film, Horizon: An American Saga, and his exceedingly messy divorce. Then came the writers' and actors' strikes in Hollywood (a picket line that Yellowstone writers and actors will not cross) over streaming residuals and limits on Artificial Intelligence, which will likely not be over any time soon. Paramount has stated we can expect a November 13 release, but this seems like wishful thinking as the final half of season 5 has yet to begin shooting.

But do not despair. As we face this vicious inconvenience, there are plenty of other shows to sate the appetites of the Yellowstone-starved. Shows that capture similar family power struggles. Or a similar ruggedness of life in the open country. There are even multiple spinoff series that take place within the Yellowstone universe. So hang in there. We're in this together. And we've got your back. Take this list of 16 shows akin to Yellowstone not as a replacement, but as a brief respite from the relentless content dry season.

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