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'Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Officially Launches Free Rein Coffee Company

A portion of proceeds go toward the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Yellowstone's very own Cole Hauser, known to fans as Rip Wheeler, has officially unveiled his new coffee and lifestyle brand, Free Rein Coffee Company. Now, enthusiasts can finally get their hands on this fantastic coffee and an array of branded lifestyle items available on their website.

Inspired by the pursuit of the American Dream and deeply rooted in the cowboy tradition, Free Rein Coffee Company proudly presents a range of top-notch coffee designed for the hardworking, risk-taking, dream-chasing, and early-rising individuals. Alongside their exceptional coffee selection, Free Rein has introduced a line of lifestyle products, including shirts, hats, mugs, bandanas, and more.

What's even more remarkable is that a portion of the proceeds from Free Rein's sales will go toward supporting the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. This nonprofit organization empowers the families of fallen and severely wounded Special Operations Warriors, and Cole Hauser has been a steadfast advocate and Board Member for this noble cause.


Free Rein

Hauser had experience with riding and roping before Yellowstone, but it was on set in the rural expanse of Montana that he really grew to appreciate the rigors of the cowboy lifestyle.

His inspiration stemmed from their incredible resilience, unwavering work ethic, and above all, their remarkable consumption of coffee. This led him to create a coffee brand that encapsulated the true essence of the American West. A brand that embodied the tenacious spirit of dreamers and the weathered hands of the cowboys he held in such high regard.

Cole teamed up with three close friends: Karl Pfluger, Aron Marquez, and Paul Anderson, each a dreamer in their own unique way, hailing from diverse backgrounds but united by a common vision. They shared a passion for delivering top-tier coffee to those who needed it most—those who push their limits and live life on the edge.

"I've decided to start a coffee company inspired by these men and women who wake up before the dawn," Hauser said. "Not because it's easy, but because it's hard. Free Rein is for anyone who gets up and works like a cowboy, gets up and chases a dream, or gets up and just feels like having a damn good cup of coffee."

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