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'Yellowstone': Kathryn Kelly Plays Newcomer Emily at the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas

If you're watching Yellowstone season 4, you know that there have been a slew of new characters introduced. If not, there are spoilers ahead for the popular TV series!

In Episode 7, "Keep The Wolves Close," our favorite former criminal with a heart of gold, Jimmy (Jefferson White), has a new love interest introduced. John Dutton sent Jimmy down to Texas to really work on becoming a man, and he ends up working at the famous Four Sixes Ranch. While settling into his new life, he meets a lovely member of the ranch's staff, Emily. The new character, played by Kathryn Kelly, was a real shock to fans and we're excited to follow her and Jimmy's relationship.

Who is Kathryn Kelly?

This probably isn't the first time you've seen Kathryn Kelly. The Atlanta native has appeared on a few TV shows, including Local Talent and The Originals (she played Hayley's mom). Her big break came playing the role of Angela McPherson on Nashville and she also played Melissa Meeks in an episode of Dolly Parton's Heartstrings on Netflix. Though her filmography isn't exactly lengthy at this point, based on her appearance on the Paramount Network, I have a feeling Kelly is just getting started.

Season 4 of Yellowstone has had some really shocking moments, to say the least. Teenage Carter (Finn Little), basically becomes a Dutton family member after series regulars Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler take him in, Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo) shows up to protest the Dutton's way of life, and there's a new leader at Market Equities (Jacki Weaver). But down in Texas, Jimmy meets a strong new love interest when he's introduced to Emily.

Jimmy and Emily

The pair first meet when Emily instructs Jimmy to help her collect horse semen for the ranch research lab (she's a veterinary tech) and it's entertaining, to say the least. Poor Jimmy. Though Emily first offers to buy him dinner, the lovable wrangler tells her he can buy her dinner instead and the two agree on a date. It will be interesting to see where this story goes. Jimmy and his ex-girlfriend Mia had a tough break after the Duttons sent him down to Texas. Is he ready for something new?

"Collecting some things from horses is very normal from someone who works on a ranch every day. It was not normal for me, however," Kelly explained, laughing to The Paramount Network.

"On the outside, I was trying to keep it together and be like 'You're used to this! You've seen this a hundred times before!' But on the inside was low-key freaking out. She just kind of commands the space, which I love."

The big question is...will Emily be a big part of the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff that takes place at the Four Sixes? There's no confirmed release date for the new series yet but it's safe to say she would definitely be a strong female character I'd love to watch week after week!

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