'Yellowstone' Recap: John Dutton Shocks Us All


Warning: spoilers ahead for season four of Yellowstone. 

Season four of Yellowstone has really kept fans on the edge of their seats. I never know what's going to happen and just when I think I've got something figured out, creator Taylor Sheridan proves me wrong. It's possible every episode so far this season has left me completely shocked by the end and "Keep the Wolves Close" proved no different. The Duttons might finally have found a way to stop Market Equities from building the airport. The feud between Walker and Lloyd finally seems to be over, and Kayce gets hit on by his old wrangler. There's a little bit of everything in episode seven!

Here are our six big takeaways from episode seven of Yellowstone season four.

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1. Jimmy gets integrated into his new life in Texas

Jimmy might have the standout line of the episode with his quip about having to perform a task involving a horse. The team at 6666 is really making Jimmy earn his spot with some.... interesting work. But he also might have stumbled into a new relationship when he meets Emily, an attractive vet tech working on the ranch. Does this mean Mia is officially gone from the series? We last saw her pack her bags and leave the Yellowstone, but it was pretty abrupt. Who knows if it was the last of her character.

2. Carter and Beth make up

Carter has really been roughing it over the past couple of episodes...sleeping in the barn with no one on his side, still ashamed of his behavior following his fight with Beth. He finally goes to talk to Beth and makes her a promise to do whatever she says. Back in her good graces, he's able to move back in with Beth and Rip with a fresh start.

3. Beth discovers Market Equities withheld some important information

It turns out Market Equities had already drawn up plans for their massive airport, shops, and more all across the valley where the Yellowstone Ranch is situated. Though the information wasn't made clear to Beth when she accepted her position, she isn't giving up without a fight. Maybe it's finally clear what role Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo) will play this season. Beth promptly shows up at one of Summer's protests and gives her the information about the airport. She tells her it would save a lot more animals than stopping a few mink coats from being sold at a local boutique and Summer looked like she was ready for a fight.

4. We haven't seen the last of Teeter

Thank goodness! I don't know about you, but I was sweating at the end of the last episode when John told Rip to kick all the women out of the bunkhouse. Teeter was such a fun character and added some needed female energy to all the boys on the ranch. Luckily for her, John didn't realize she wore the Yellowstone brand and that was enough to keep her at the ranch. She's part of the Yellowstone family now, though John points out that because she chose to begin a relationship with someone in the bunkhouse (Colby), a fight could be about her in the future -- just like the blowout between Walker and Lloyd.


My only question is, why the heck is Laramie still there? She most definitely doesn't wear the brand and I'm confused by what purpose she's serving by being there.

5. John decides to run for governor

John's on-again-off-again flame Governor Perry shows up at the ranch to let him know that she's decided to run for senate. This means her seat will be open and she plans on giving Jamie her endorsement. John shocks everyone by saying that he would run in order to prevent Jamie from taking her seat and would be taking that endorsement. He really felt so strongly that his adopted son would ruin everything he fought so hard to preserve that he is literally running for he wrong? Or is this decision really going to drive even more of a wedge between the two? Based on Jamie's reaction at the press conference...the damage is done.

Am I crazy for continuing to root for Jamie? I just want him to be part of the family again but it's looking that definitely won't be happening any time soon. I also know that he can be the worst, but this one really stung and I felt for him.

6. Lloyd tries to make nice with Walker

Poor Lloyd. He trades one of his rodeo buckles in order to get Walker a new guitar (friendly reminder he slammed his old one into the wall) and get back in the good graces of the rest of the bunkhouse. Thankfully, Walker gratefully accepts it and promptly starts singing for everyone. Life is getting back to normal it seems and I'm sure I speak for fans everywhere when I say, "Thank goodness that feud is over." I love Lloyd and don't want him leaving the ranch.


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