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This Enormous Historic Texas Ranch is the Setting for the 'Yellowstone' Spinoff


Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan has slowly been becoming one of the most prominent western storytellers in Hollywood over the past decade. From his modern western films Hell or High Water and Wind River to creating his incredibly popular Paramount Network series, it seems like everyone is buzzing about Sheridan. But in the midst of working on the fourth season of his Kevin Costner led drama, Sheridan has announced that not only is he working on multiple Yellowstone spinoffs including a prequel series, but he purchased a massive Texas ranch where one of the shows will be based -- it's known as the Four Sixes Ranch.

On Jan. 25, 2022, the Fort Worth Star Telegram reports that the historic ranch sold for nearly $200 million and was purchased by a group led by Sheridan.

History of Four Sixes Ranch

The historic 6666 Ranch was founded by Samuel "Burk" Burnett back in 1870 when Burk purchased 100 heads of cattle and gave them the 6666 brand. The massive ranch, which is bigger than the entire city of San Antonio, stayed in the Burnett family until Burk's great-granddaughter Anne Windfohr Marion passed away in 2020. Based on instructions left in her will, the ranch was put up for sale for a whopping $347.7 million across the three ranch properties that covers land outside of Lubbock, Amarillo, and the Texas Panhandle.


"Sheridan is the face of the buyer group," broker Chas. S. Middleton told The Texas Spur.

He explained that the new owners plan to continue operating the land as a working ranch and to offer continued employment to all current employees. "It's all one deal, 266,000 acres with all three ranches . . . cattle, horses, equipment, furniture, brand, name, everything."

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Though Sheridan, also contacted by The Texas Spur, didn't comment specifically on the sale, he did honor the ranching industry in Texas and alluded to including the land in his popular TV series.


"I can't comment on a pending transaction but I will say this: the legacy of the 6666 Ranch and Miss Marion's vision for the ranch are vital not only to the ranch itself, but the rich heritage of ranching in Texas."

He added, "This legacy is so important to me I chose to highlight it in the upcoming season of 'Yellowstone' and will continue to further the legacy and preserve its operations in a manner consistent with that great vision."


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'Yellowstone: 6666'

While it's unclear how the 6666 Ranch will be incorporated into the Dutton family's story on Yellowstone, we do know that the talented screenwriter and director will be basing one of his spinoff series on 6666, telling the story of how the historic ranch operates the same today as it did over a century ago, raising some of the finest cattle and quarter horses in the world.


In an interview with Cowboys & Indians Magazine, Sheridan discussed moving back to his home state with his wife and the importance of Texas storytelling today.

"Being a Texan today and what it means to live in Texas?--?there's a responsibility that comes with it, in that you really do represent the entire state," he says in the piece. "Everybody in Texas always represents the state. And so, there's a sense of class and confidence that I think every Texan seems to embody. And along with that, a respect for others, regardless of whether they agree with you or not. You respect their ability to disagree or agree."

This article was previously published in June of 2021. It was updated on Jan. 26, 2022. 

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