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Hallmark Fall Harvest: 5 Movies to Curl Up With This Autumn


Is there anything better than Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel? Absolutely not. But their Fall Harvest lineup is a close second and its the perfect way to kick off the cozy fall season. 

Light up your favorite pumpkin spice candle and sit back with a mug of warm apple cider and enjoy these five new Hallmark movies. And get excited because, after five straight weekends of fall fun, Hallmark will start airing all of their new Christmas movies!

1. Follow Me to Daisy Hills

Cindy Busby and Marshall Williams co-star in this film about Jo, who's family's general store is struggling and requires help from (oh no!) Jo's ex-boyfriend Duke, former Daisy Hills native turned New York businessman. The two must get along in order to save Jo's father's store and they start to rekindle old feelings. What will they do when Duke gets his dream job offer back in New York? This new film premiered on Saturday, September 19 so be sure to check for re-runs!


2. Falling For Look Lodge

Clark Backo and Jonathan Keltz co-star as Lily and Noah. Lily is a mountain hotel's activities director who has to help Noah, a workaholic, wrap up his sister's wedding plans. Can Lily show Noah that true love is more important than work as they roll up their sleeves together to make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch? Will they find love at Look Lodge? This film premiered on Saturday, September 26 so make sure you catch the re-runs.

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3. Country at Heart


Jessy Schram, Niall Matter, and Lucas Bryant are bringing Nashville to Hallmark. Shayna (Schram) is struggling while pursuing a career as a singer and goes back to her small home town where she meets songwriter Grady (Matter). Grady is currently working on music for country star Duke Sterling (Bryant). Shayna might just be Grady's perfect match as a writing partner...and in love. What will Shayna do when Grady asks her to be his opening act? This original movie premiers on Saturday, October 3.

4. My Best Friend's Bouquet

Chaley Rose, Nathan Witte, Rebecca Olson and Luisa d'Oliveira star in this Hallmark film centered around a Fall wedding. Josie Hughes' (Rose) family believes that when the wedding bouquet is tossed, it always ends up in the right hands. When Josie catches the bouquet and meets an eligible bachelor at the reception, will she be so focused on following the lore of the bouquet that she misses the true love that's been in front of her all along? This new film will premier on Saturday, October 10.

5. Sweet Autumn

Nikki DeLoach, Andrew Walker, and Henriette Ivanans co-star in this Hallmark original about a family candy business. Maggie (DeLoach) is a successful entrepreneur who moves home after discovering that her aunt's final wishes were for her to take over half of her maple candy business. Much to her dismay, maple supplier, Dex (Walker) was given the other half. Maggie and Dex grow closer as they review a series of letters left behind by Aunt Dee to determine why she left each of them half of the business. This new original film will premier on Saturday, October 17.


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