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This Delicious Whiskey Apple Cider Will Start Your Fall Off With a Bang

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The only flavor more fall-inspired than pumpkin pie spice has to be apple. Apple pie, apple cobbler, bobbing for apples, and apple cider all bring to mind the cozy warmth of fall. And the alcoholic history of apple cider is rooted in American tradition. According to Serious Eats, the first English settlers started growing apple trees and brewing the sweetly intoxicating apple cider by the gallon.

In fact, hard cider was the beverage of choice for most New Englanders in early America. That was mostly because the apple trees were easier to cultivate on American soil.

However, why stop the adventures with apple-flavored beverages with the standard cider? Gent's Lounge has concocted an irresistible whiskey apple cider beverage. This flavor-infused libation will take away the chill in your bones this fall and the best part? Next to no prep time.


Rye Whiskey (or another whiskey of your choosing)

Apple Cider (or apple juice if you prefer)

Fresh ginger

Lemon Juice


Add 4 ounces apple cider to your cocktail shaker followed by 1/2 oz of freshley squeezed lemon juice and 2 oz of whiskey. Add ice and 2 ginger shavings to the shaker. Shake it until the drink is cold and then strain it into your glass of choice. Garnish with apple slices and you're all set! Maybe consider adding a caramel rim if you're a caramel apple fan!



Poured over ice, this beverage would take any Halloween party up a notch, and the total time to make it is only a couple of mins. You can also experiment with the type of whiskey you add to the mix. If you're less adventurous, try swapping out the whiskey with vodka or gin to make a less smoky fall cocktail.

You could even skip the alcohol altogether and make this a kid-friendly treat as the autumn winds start to blow. Add a little cinnamon on top or a cinnamon stick for an even zestier version.

Gent's Lounge also suggests heating up this wonderful treat on the coldest of winter days. Heat up the whiskey, ginger, and the apple cider on the stove and finish off with lemon. That's one consolation for the cold, dark winter that is on the horizon. And don't forget to put the drink in a mason jar or colorful mug for the complete package.

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This Delicious Whiskey Apple Cider Will Start Your Fall Off With a Bang