Jaicy Elliot attends a special screening of Hallmark's "Unthinkably Good Things" at The Athenaeum on August 10, 2022 in Pasadena, California
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Jaicy Elliot: From 'Grey's Anatomy' To Hallmark Star


Fans of long-running medical drama Grey's Anatomy might immediately recognize Jaicy Elliot as the young intern Taryn Helm. Among an impressive cast ranging from Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, and James Pickens Jr., Elliot managed to stand out from the rest as she portrayed a young intern who previously struggled with panic attacks. After starring in the popular series since 2017, Elliot is adding something new to her resume. As of August 2022, we can officially add Hallmark Channel leading lady to her list of professional accomplishments.

Elliot recently starred in the new romantic film on Hallmark, Romance in Style. She plays the role of Ella opposite Virgin River star Benjamin Hollingsworth. Derek, a "prince" of the publishing world, meets an aspiring plus-size designer named Ella, whom he enlists to help him learn the ins and outs of the business. Naturally, they find love along the way in this seemingly loose interpretation of the classic tale of Cinderella. It's a sweet, feel-good love story, largely based on the fact that Elliot is completely charming as a leading lady. So who exactly is this new addition to the Hallmark Channel? Here are some things you probably didn't know about the rising star.

She grew up in France

That's right! Born to an American father and French mother, Jaicy Elliot grew up in Grenoble, France (that's the French Alps), where she first got her start in acting by training in theater. If fact, she trained in Paris at the prestigious Cours Florent, known for training the likes of Diane Kruger and Sebastian Roché. She stayed for five years before eventually deciding to move out to Los Angeles.

"I acted, and we wrote plays, and we toured, and we did all sorts of theater stuff," Elliot explained in an interview with TV Fanatic. "And then, when I was done with one of the plays that we had done for a couple years that had gotten quite a bit of traction that is possibly still happening in Paris today, I sort of felt like I needed to do something else."


Grey's Anatomy was her big break...and first role

Initially, Elliot landed in California with the goal of waiting some tables to save money and travel the world with her friends. But after taking another acting class, she started auditioning. Her very first TV role ended up being her big break -- Taryn Helm on Grey's Anatomy. Talk about the ultimate training ground among some seriously talented TV veterans on one of the longest-running medical dramas in history. Apparently, she was so shocked when she heard she got the role that she literally blacked out from excitement. Understandable.

"It's incredible. It's surreal. It took me a long time to land in Hollywood and internalize the reality of what was happening," Elliot explained. "I landed in Hollywood, and I didn't know anything about acting on TV or about the business of Hollywood.

"I think I'm still learning a lot, but honestly, with a lot of perspective, this perspective that I have now at least, I realize that there was no better experience for me than to just the land in the institution that was Grey's Anatomy because everyone is still at the top of their game, and I got to learn from the best."

Romance in Style was her first leading role


Not only was Elliot excited about the chance to appear on Hallmark, but she loved the opportunity to star in her first leading role as Ella. She apparently also saw a bit of herself in her character, which probably helped lead to such an authentic performance in the lovable film.

"I feel close to her in terms of the dialogue she's trying to start in her own life and also the dialogue that I'm trying to push in my own life. It was kind of like we were kindred spirits."

She loves the message behind her Hallmark film

A large focus of Romance in Style is centered around the preconceived notions people have on size and how that relates to beauty and the fashion industry. The character of Ella, and the movie in general, helps inspire viewers to take a step back and think about their own self-worth, which is an encouraging message to spread to the world.

"In the movie, Ella says a lot that the average American woman is size 16, and it's time that we acknowledge that and move forward in our perception of what's beauty and where it comes from and whether it's outside or inside and how profound that can be."


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