Hallmark Channel Wines
Hallmark Channel Wines

Ultimate Guide to Hallmark's Wines and the Best Movies to Pair with Each Bottle

Every Pinot, Cab and bubbly for your Hallmark movie binge.

'Tis the season... of Hallmark everything, that is. The beloved network kicked off its annual Countdown to Christmas programming on Oct. 20, with all-new original holiday movies premiering on Hallmark Channel every weekend until Dec. 21. Alongside the usual Hallmark Christmas trappings—the Very Merry Giveaway and branded gift sets for movie fans—the romance-minded network is relaunching its Hallmark Channel Wine Club on Nov. 16. It's the most wonderful time of the year, but especially for Hallmark fans.

Hallmark-branded wines debuted in 2020, and the collection has since grown to include 19 varietals — all available for purchase on the Hallmark Channel Wines website either individually or with a Wine Club subscription. The lineup features red, white, rosé and sparkling wines named after the seasons (Holly, Jolly, Autumn Dreams), Hallmark programming events (Loveuary, Christmas in July) and hit movies (Christmas at Graceland, The Perfect Pairing). Every bottle is a customized blend crafted by Hallmark's partner winemaker Andrew Nelson, named one of Wine Enthusiast's 40 Under 40 Tastemakers in 2020.

"We're not just slapping a label on a pre-existing juice. Every single wine we put out is custom-blended for our viewers and our fans," Natalie Vandergast, Hallmark Media's Vice President of Consumer Products, tells Wide Open Country. "Whether it's our apparel, wine, tea or chocolate — whatever we create, we're always looking at, 'How does this enhance the network or movie-watching experience?'"

And watching a Hallmark movie has never been more of an experience: The network launches its inaugural Christmas cruise in 2024, which will allow fans to take to the seas with Hallmark stars also on board. But if you can't make the maiden voyage to the Bahamas, the new-and-improved Hallmark Channel Wine Club is another way to immerse yourself in the network's feel-good ethos. Wine Club now offers four different subscription tiers, as well as increased customization and flexibility. You can choose from all 19 varietals for each shipment, and you can pick your own shipping frequency. Wine Club members will also receive exclusive sneak peeks of new Hallmark Channel movies.

Whether you plan on becoming a card-carrying member of the Hallmark Channel Wine Club or buying a bottle every now and then for you and your bestie to pop open on movie night, we've rounded up eight Hallmark wines to get you in the holiday spirit. Below, we spotlight each bottle's tasting notes and preferred dessert pairings. We also provide Hallmark's official 2023 movie pairings for each Christmas varietal, as well as a few viewing recommendations of our own so that you can pour one out for a time-tested Hallmark classic or an all-new flick. Whatever your style, the following libations will help you make the most of those precious Hallmark Christmas movie binge sessions. Cheers!

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