Matthew McConaughey attends a tailgate party to celebrate the launch of his new Pantalones Tequila
Gary Miller/Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey's New Tequila + 20 More Celebrity Liquor Brands to Try Out

Lights, camera, tequila!

There's no escaping celebrity liquor brands. Some stars have sold off their custom blends, like George Clooney and his billion-dollar Casamigos Tequila. Others just can't quit the booze game: Since ending his years-long partnership with Wild Turkey, Matthew McConaughey unveiled Pantalones Tequila — complete with a pants-free marketing campaign. Stars — they're just like us!

Celebrity liquor brands are a mixed bag, to be sure. If you partake, you know about the rapturous reception Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin has received. You might also have heard about Jennifer Lopez, who once said that she doesn't touch alcohol, unveiling a line of spritzes with pretty packaging — after unveiling a line of beauty products with pretty packaging. Still avoiding those Fabletics ads on Instagram? You'll be glad to know that everyone's favorite nepo baby, Kate Hudson, is now a yoga freak and a vodka purveyor.

But for every Kendall Jenner doing premium tequila, there's a Steven Soderbergh boldly going where no one (seriously, not a one) has gone before and trying to make singani grape distillate happen. Now that's passion. And not every celebrity liquor brand fizzles out, either. Since being discontinued, Willie Nelson's Old Whiskey River Bourbon is pretty much a collector's item. Bottles currently sell for around $2,000 a pop.

Below, we've rounded up 21 celebrity liquor brands you should try out. There are some classics (Robert De Niro's fancy New Zealand vodka), some oddball ideas (Woody Harrelson's "superfood" spirits) and plenty of whiskies courtesy of your favorite country artists. Bottoms up!

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