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Goldie Hawn Has A Special Relationship With Her Daughter Kate Hudson

Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudson might just be one of the most iconic mother-daughter duos in Hollywood. They look exactly alike with their blonde hair and infectious smiles, and Kate definitely inherited her mother's comedic timing. While some families have a rough time navigating home life in the midst of fame, the blended family created by Goldie and her partner of over three decades, actor Kurt Russell, is full of love and they couldn't be closer. But the beloved actress has a particularly close bond with Kate, her only daughter.

Goldie had two children with her ex-husband, musician Bill Hudson — Kate, and son Oliver Hudson. The couple divorced when the kids were little and they've been estranged from him ever since. But that's okay because Kurt Russell stepped in and raised them like they were his own. He also brought his son, Boston Russell, from a previous marriage into the mix and he and Goldie welcomed one more son together, actor Wyatt Russell.

"I have a great family," Kate expressed in an interview with Today. "I have a beautiful mother. I have a stepfather who stepped in and played a huge, huge part in sharing what it is to have a dependable father figure in our life."

Over the years, Kate has proven to be a rom-com sweetheart just like her mother who is well known for starring in classic films like Private Benjamin, Overboard, and The First Wives Club. While Kate is widely recognized for her big break in Almost Famous, which earned her a Golden Globe Award, as well as popular comedies How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Something Borrowed, she's also a devoted mother. Not to mention an incredibly savvy businesswoman between Fabletics, King St. Vodka, and her podcast with her brother Oliver.

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Kate has three children from three different partners — son Ryder from her relationship with Chris Robinson, son Bingham from her relationship with ex-fiance Matt Bellamy, and daughter Rani Rose with her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa. She regularly shares adorable pics of daily life with her kids on social media and you can tell that they are all incredibly close...just like how she grew up.

"I've got multiple dads, I've got kids all over the place," she said with a laugh. "The only expectations I really have that are really high in my life is with my kids. And with like family stuff. Other than that, it's like, I just let it go. I work my ass off and then I walk away and I hope for the best."

In addition to learning to prioritize family, her mother also instilled in her some valuable advice that has turned Kate into the strong woman she is today.

"My mom gave me the floor to be able to feel confident enough to go out and feel like my life could be my own," she told People. "Mom was my greatest cheerleader. And it just made me think about Rani...going, 'I hope I give her that kind of confidence,' you know?"

"Mom always said to me, 'Don't you ever let a man dim your light,'" she recalled. "So I've never defined myself through the way a man sees me, but I can define myself in the unit that we can create together. That is what Mom gave to me."

Now that Goldie is a grandmother multiple times over between her children, she couldn't be prouder of how everyone is turning out she told Hello Magazine.

"Kurt and I are so proud. They're mirroring a lot of the way they were raised, and that just shows you how important it is to raise your kids well, 'cause they will raise their kids well."

As adults, Kate and Goldie continue to have a close bond and are basically best friends. Part of the reason they've been able to maintain such a special relationship is they live incredibly close to each other as well as Oliver and his family.

"We all live together, blocks from each other. So we're really close," Goldie explained.

"I rode my bike over to Kate's the other day. We're just blessed, but it's not just blessed. This was a design. We want to be together."

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