Valentine's day festive cocktail with flowers red heart on a festive white background

20 Valentine's Day Cocktails to Enjoy With Your Other Half – Or Your Besties

Cheers to Cupid.

Once New Year's celebrations fade away, we all try our best to avoid having too many cocktails in January. By February, chances are we're craving something festive to celebrate Cupid on Valentine's Day. This may mean something sweet, extra chocolatey or exotic in color or taste. So how can you wow significant others, friends or yourself when it comes time for tempting Valentine's Day cocktails?

You'll find answers to this question right here, as we're sharing some of the best recipes for unique Valentine's cocktails. If you're into cocktails combining spirits with chocolate, options include everything from a chocolate martini to a Toblerone-inspired cocktail. Also included are cocktails known for their bright pink or red color, such as a Kir Royale or a pomegranate margarita. For those who believe everything French is romantic, try out a classic French 75 or a sparkling French Kiss.

The following cocktail recipes are all straightforward and include helpful, detailed instructions. They taste delicious whether you're filling a punch bowl, making two drinks or fixing a cocktail for one. Whichever Valentine's Day cocktails you desire most, these fun-filled beverages will light up your day and night in the name of love. 




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