Move Over Coffee Liqueur, Chocolate Liquor is How We're Downing Vodka

Can I get drunk off of liquor filled chocolate bottles? Asking for a friend! We'll get to that part later, but first you need to learn about these amazing treats made for adults. Many centuries ago, chocolate liqueur made its way from France to the United States. There are a variety of ways to make chocolate liquor, but there are two reasons why the consumption of liquor filled chocolate bottles is so popular, especially during the holiday season.

Besides liquor, chocolate is easily one of the most delightful treats you may flock to when you need to relax. Why not combine both? There has to be some kind of science behind chocolate and happiness. Baileys is vanilla and chocolate, and Kahlua is hazelnut, so why not go for a chocolatey sweet liquor? It's instant dopamine for me when I eat my favorite milk chocolate candy. Add liquor to the mix, and I am one happy camper.

Liqueur Christmas Gifts

Anthon Berg Liqueur Bottles

Forget chocolate bars and chocolate truffles, liquor filled chocolate bottles are the way to go for Valentine's Day. Grab an assorted gift box, and you have a holiday gift idea that your loved ones will bring up every single year. If you're hosting a holiday party, this is your chance to introduce friends and family to a very special dessert. Add Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueur to your Amazon wishlist today!

It's hard to find people that don't like chocolate, it's tailoring the liquor bottles to everyone's liquor preference that might be tricky. Keep in mind to find liquor chocolate boxes that have a variety of liquors. Luckily, this pack of 64 Anthon Berg Liquor consists of six different liquors:

  • Galliano Herbal Liqueur
  • Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey
  • Sauza Tequila Gold
  • Canadian Club Whiskey
  • Cointreau French Cocktail
  • Remy Martin Cognac
  • Danka Vodka
  • Caffé Borghetti.

Hey, it's an excuse to do a taste test. Trying each flavor leads me back to the question, "Can I get drunk off of liquor-filled chocolate bottles?" The answer is yes! You absolutely can. This puts a whole meaning to chocolate wasted. Chocolate liqueur can have around 2.5 percent alcohol in it. A standard beer usually has about 5% of alcohol.

I don't plan on indulging to see how many it takes to get me drunk, but if someone gave me a gift set as a bachelorette party gift or Christmas present, I guess we're finding out if I can get a buzz off of these. Not only are these great gifts, but they can be a fun dessert for your friends to have on New Year's Eve. Why toast when you can unwrap a chocolate liqueur bottle instead?

I'm sure these dark chocolate liquor bottles are amazing, but I would love to try making my own liqueur chocolate at home. I'm a big fan of white chocolate and caramel, so I think I could whip up a nice batch of fudge & liquor treats based on my own preferences. I've had my fair share of coffee liqueurs and espresso, but this is a game-changer.

You can have these dark chocolate bottles before bed and not feel worried about staying up from a caffeine overload. You have to love it! These are perfect last-minute stocking stuffers, so get yours now and have a very merry and booze-filled holiday celebration.

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This post was originally published on December 19, 2019.

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