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Hershey's Lovers Unite! You Can Now Buy a Hershey Chocolate Scented Candle

Calling all chocolate lovers who are truly enamored of Hershey's. Not just with the taste, but with the smell. Hershey's released a candle that smells exactly like Hershey's chocolate syrup. If you open a Hershey's chocolate bar and can't get enough of the sweet smell of rich chocolate, you'll want this candle burning in your living room.

Sweet smells are the best. Once I light a sweet-scented candle for a few days straight, I notice that the smell tends to linger on me. Hey, there's nothing wrong with smelling like sugared cocoa and vanilla. Hershey's milk chocolate candy really does have a distinct smell. In fact, if someone blindfolded me with a Mr. Goodbar and Hershey's chocolate bar in my face, I'd be able to pick out the Hershey bar.

HERSHEY'S Chocolate Syrup Tin Scented Candle

The soy wax candle has an 80-hour burn time. You can choose between a single candle, 2-pack or 4-pack. I have an empty candle holder that could use a new candle. A chocolate syrup candle is definitely a top contender for it. Customers are leaving amazing reviews. One said that it smells like a chocolate factory.

I might have to give in. Although I've never been too intrigued by the smell of Hershey's, I do love the smell of bakeries! I love it when I walk into a local bakery and smell fresh fudge and chocolate chip cookies. I'm sure this Hershey's syrup chocolate candle smells like a candy shop.

It might sound a bit bizarre that this soy candle is inspired by chocolate syrup, but I've walked by plenty of candles at Marshalls and Ross that smelled like cupcakes. So what do you say, give the calming essential oils a small break and bring an aroma of chocolate to your home.

For more candy-inspired candles, check out Hanna's Candle Company on Amazon. You'll find Whoppers, Twizzlers, and even s'mores scented jar candles.

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