This Is How Much the Average Couple Spends on Valentine's Day

How do you feel about Valentine's Day? Whether you think the holiday is a fun, sweet way to show someone you care or you're not a fan, there's nothing like a survey to show what people really think anonymously. And anonymously, you can learn an awful lot about people. That's why when WalletHub released this list of Valentine's Day facts, it was worth sitting down and thinking about.

While Valentine's gifts, conversation hearts, and a good ol' fashioned love letter might spring to mind when you think about this holiday, there's so much more to it than that. Financially speaking, that is. Check out these stats below, from how much chocolate companies will earn to how many heart-shaped boxes they'll sell.

10 Valentine's Day Facts

As WalletHub provided, about 45 percent of people feel that their Valentine should spend at least $50 on a gift. Additionally, 4 in 10 people would end the relationship if their partner spent irresponsibly on Valentine's Day. It seems like a lose-lose situation, doesn't it?

About $2 billion will be spent by the 36 percent of adults that plan to buy flowers, and of course you can imagine those flowers are red roses. Is that the right way to celebrate your Valentine? It's up to you as traditions vary worldwide across the world. From England to France to the United States to Japan, young men feel the pressure to give their significant other an amazing holiday, and in the infographic, it reads that man spent almost twice as much as women in 2017.

Romantic love isn't the only reason to celebrate the holiday, though, and that goes for single people as well. Treat yourself today to something special because we can't love our loved ones best without loving ourselves first.

This article was originally published on Feb 14, 2018.

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