André Champagne

Canned Champagne is a Real Thing Now

The day has finally come. Champagne is now available in cans, making it easy to raise a toast whether you are picnicking, enjoying the sand between your toes at the beach, or even hosting a brunch for all your friends. California André Champagne, which has been served at parties since the 1960s, is considered one of the best sellers when it comes to sparkling wine in the United States. Usually sold at $4-$5 a bottle, this California Champagne is cheap, bubbly, and is now more portable than ever.

All about New Canned André Champagne

While it's technically not "champagne" (the only legal way for it to be called champagne is if it is made in Champagne, France), André Champagne found a loophole that allows it to be called champagne due to being grandfathered in before March 2006. So is this really champagne? No. Does it get the job done when it is mixed with orange juice? Hell yeah.

The new canned carbonated wine comes in two varieties, Brut and Brut Rosé. The Andre Brut features a dry blend of white grapes with hints of lemon and pear. It's fresh and dry, which makes it perfect for mimosas. The Brut Rosé is considered the 2nd driest option in the bubbly line-up and contains hints of raspberry, strawberry, citrus, pear, and apple. It is best served straight or in a Frosé.

Considered the beer of champagne, André has a variety of different products including Extra Dry, Cold Duck, Spumante, Moscato, Peach Moscato, Strawberry Moscato, Pink Moscato, and Blush. While they may not be the real-deal, they all taste great.

The new cans will be available nationwide for customers of legal drinking age. You can find out where to buy these new cans using the Store Locator on the André website.

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