Tim McGraw Christmas Tree

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Family Won Social Media This Holiday Season

Country stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and their three daughters (Gracie, Maggie and Audrey) have been country music's must-see family on social media throughout the buildup to Christmas.

Attention for the family's social media hijinks began when McGraw posted a photo of himself decorating a massive Christmas tree in the family's living room while sitting atop an extremely tall ladder.

"A: Santa's lead flying reindeer, B: wife trying to get rid of me before Christmas," wrote McGraw in the caption for the widely-shared set of photos.

We've seen giant trees in other country star's holiday posts, including a 2018 photo of Alan Jackson and his wife, Denise. Difference is, AJ didn't treat us with a multiple-choice joke to lighten the mood during an unusually tense holiday season.

As if McGraw risking his life to hang tinsel on his own Rockefeller Center Christmas tree wasn't enough to rival Brad Paisley's clever Elf on the Shelf scenes or other examples of country singers spreading holiday cheer, his daughters have since upped the ante with a trio of dress-up sessions.

Gracie shared photos from the family's Hamilton night, during which she and her sisters dressed as historic figures from the musical. Maggie posted a group shot, featuring a rare sighting of hatless Tim (and the snoot of family dog Baz).


Since then, the entire Hill-McGraw clan signaled the arrival of winter by dressing up as characters from Game of Thrones, with Tim looking more like Yukon Cornelius than anyone from the hit HBO series.

They've also flown a different fandom flag with Harry Potter Night.

Beyond the good-natured laughs that come with Christmas tree and costume posts, McGraw shared footage on Dec. 9 of Hill belting out "Where are You, Christmas?," complete with the heartfelt caption "I love this woman...and this song just kills me."

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Other examples of Nashville superstars basking in the Christmas spirit in a year dragged down by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic include Taylor Swift's most recent acts of generosity and Dolly Parton's various holiday season songs and specials, including a new music video for Willie Nelson duet "Pretty Paper."

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