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'The Voice': Avery Roberson Earns 4-Chair Turn With Tim McGraw Cover

Just when you think you can't be impressed by another performance, The Voice blind auditions prove you wrong again. The NBC singing competition regularly surprises me with all of the undiscovered talent they bring in season after season. 20-year-old Avery Roberson earned himself a four-chair turn for his cover of Tim McGraw's "If You're Reading This" and it really was worth all of the hype...he's that good. Hailing from Rutherford, North Carolina, the contestant literally had all of The Voice coaches cheering at the end of his beautiful performance. 

Kelly Clarkson kicked off the feedback with a heartfelt pitch, though she pointed out she had an idea of who he was leaning towards for a coach (gesturing to Blake Shelton).

"I thought it was quite remarkable how you didn't do what people expect people to do to get four-chair turns which is wail everywhere, do all these things. You kept it you and it sounded so beautiful and intimate, the storyteller vibe was the coolest part for me and your tone is incredible." 

Despite Clarkson saying she grew up on country music, Blake Shelton joked that she abandoned it, something he never did.

"I grew up on country music and that is all I've ever done is country music. I just celebrated my tenth year as a member of the Grand Ole Opry," Shelton pitched.

"My point is, I am the only person on this panel who knows the person who sings the song you just sang. It's important to have a concrete understanding of country music because you can't know where it's going unless you know where it came from. I have to be your coach Avery. I would be honored, I would be proud to be your coach." 

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Roberson admitted that initially, he had started singing pop music but had moved over to country like his father and grandfather after his voice got deeper in high school. Nick Jonas took advantage of this in his passionate pitch, claiming it doesn't matter what genre you sing, it's all music at the end of the day. He also pointed out that despite being a pop singer, he's worked as a songwriter with country stars like Dan + Shay, Shania Twain, and Thomas Rhett

"I don't think it matters where you're from — if you're Hollywood or not, or if you're pop or country or soul. Whatever the genre is, it's music at the end of the day. You do you man, I'll support you every step of the way, that's what it should be about as a coach." 

John Legend admitted that he's not the obvious choice for a country singer, but that he was the first to turn his chair because he genuinely loved what he heard. 

"I turned for you because I love great music and I love coaching great vocalists on this show so I would love to be your coach."

Before Roberson could make his final decision on a coach, Shelton jumped in with one last pitch that potentially helped him seal the deal.

"This is my 20th season, there is no motive here for me, I want to be able to be on your level, understand what you want to do and then fight for that for you," Shelton added. "It's not about me, I want this for you."

Ultimately, it really wasn't a surprise to anyone that the country artist chose a spot on Team Blake. We have no doubt that Roberson will go far, he really could have what it takes to make it to the finale!

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