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This Inflatable Summer Waves Pool Is One Cool Deal Under $200

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The peak of the summer is here. With temperatures reaching their tipping point, nobody can blame you for eyeing the kiddie pool with envy. At this point in the season, having a refreshing place to take a dip isn't just about summer fun, it's about summer survival! Here's a tip for making it through these dog days: Try a Summer Waves inflatable pool!

Inflatable above-ground pools, but in adult sizes? Sign me up. But seriously, y'all: with this year's heat, an inexpensive family pool is a necessity. Polygroup has you covered with the best-selling Summer Waves pool. This thing is going to be your new favorite swimming hole, and it's only $190! With a splash zone that's this affordable, there's no excuse to spend afternoons drenched in sweat when you could be soaking in comfort.

Best Summer Waves Pool

Summer Waves 15ft x 36in Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool with Pool Filter Pump

  • Under $200
  • Ready to use in 10 minutes
  • 4 out of 5 stars with 1,500 reviews

Ring pools are a thing of beauty because they are so simple to get going. True to the name, the Summer Waves Quick Set pool is up and running in about 10 minutes. Inflate the top ring with air, and fill the liner with water. Then, watch the pool rise to meet all your summer needs. The body of the Summer Waves is made from triple-layer PVC instead of rattan. It's more puncture-resistant that way.

With a water capacity of 2,640 gallons, this 15-foot swimming spot comfortably fits four people. Is it a little jiggly? Sure. But, who isn't getting a bit loose on these hot summer evenings?

The Quick Set comes with a couple of crucial pool accessories, like an automatic chlorinator. Isn't cleaning easier when you don't have to think about it? There's also a fine GFCI sand filter pump system that keeps the pool water circulating, ensuring every swimmer has a clean place to splash.

The filtration system takes type D filter cartridges, which are very easy to find and replace when the time comes. Although, this reviewer does mention you won't need them often:

Christopher S. seems pretty excited about his (several) inflatable ring pools, but it does seem like a maintenance kit would come in handy.

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Summer Waves 15ft x 36in Quick Set Inflatable Outdoor Round Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool with Pool Filter Pump

Does having this giant blue bobble in your yard feels like it might be an eyesore? No worries. There are similar Summer Waves pools that come in classy dark wicker print. Being cool is about more than your body temperature.

If this 15-foot inflatable swimming pool isn't the right size for your family, there are options. For a smaller swimming hole, Polygroup offers 14-foot pools, Summer Waves 10-footers, and even pools with 8-foot diameters. That's a personal pool party.

For a larger, more structured setup, consider the Summer Waves Active Frame models or the Summer Waves Elite Frame pools. Both lines of metal frame pool sets hold larger volumes, thanks to the added stability of a galvanized steel frame. Fair warning: some of the deluxe pools may lighten your wallet enough that you could use it as a pool float.

Personally, for $200, I'm going to stick to the 15-foot inflatable Quick Set.

Once you're soaking in this amazing Summer Waves pool, you may realize you're in need of some additions. Shop ground cloths, pool covers, and more on Amazon today. Enjoy the rest of your summer in relaxation!

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