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These Inflatable Pools Have Seats (So You Can Enjoy an Ice-Cold Beer)


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Remember the days of being a kid splashing around in one of those retro plastic pools filled with hose water? Ah, good times. But guess what? You can recreate that experience -- this time with a nice cold beer and an upgraded inflatable pool for your backyard. Inflatable pools with seats are perfect for a backyard summer party, or when you just need some well-deserved me-time. Think about it: they're maintenance, affordable, and will be a great way to provide some respite from the summer heat, even if you don't have an above-ground pool. They're also great for kids, too.

We also like the options that have built-in seats. It makes for the perfect lounge option for a party, but it's also great for family weekend afternoons. Parents can enjoy a book, tan, and just relax in these safe pools as their little ones have fun splashing around. This summer, upgrade your backyard parties and weekends with one of these three inflatable pools with seats from Amazon. It'll be the ultimate pool day you'll remember for years to come.

1. Best Option With Bench

Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Pool - Amazon, $48.59

Sun rays and cold water are the perfect summertime combo. This Intex swim center family lounge pool is ideal for your backyard summertime soiree. This blow-up pool comfortably fits three and has a drain plug and repair patch in case of any accidents. No electric air pump? No problem. One genius customer used a blow dryer. Intex is the leader in all things inflatable pools (and even airbeds!). Surely you've slept on an Intex air mattress at least once. Their inflatable products are of top-notch quality and will last inflated all summer. The built-in bench will be a parent's favorite spot this summer, and we love that it has a back rest and can fit a few people on one seat.


2. Best Two-Seat Option

Member's Mark Family Pool - Amazon, $60.25

This puncture-resistant, 10-foot pool from Member's Mark has two inflatable seats with backrests and two-in-one valve for easy inflation and deflation. It also has a drain plug that makes draining the water easy, and even includes a repair kit should you need one. One reviewer writes: "Had this for almost a year now and it's still doing good. It's a perfect little pool." Reviewers mention you might need a tarp underneath it so it's easier to get in and out of, so we recommend this affordable option.

3. Best Four-Seat Option

Summer Waves Above Ground Pool - Amazon, $68.80

There's not a lot of room for kiddos to splash around in, so we recommend this pick for adults. Comfort and style are what you'll get with this Summer Waves Deluxe Comfort Pool, and this best-seller features two cup holders for your beers or hard seltzers. So round up your best friends or favorite neighbors for some much-needed girl time -- the four-person pool provides each person with their own seat to soak up the sun, and the pillow backseats look so comfy. You'll receive a repair patch just in case, but Summer Waves creates top-quality inflatable pools that'll last multiple summers.

4. A Must-Have Accessory

Intex Quick-Fill Air Pump - Amazon, $21.49

An air pump is a must-have accessory for quickly filling up inflatable pools -- and it's an affordable product that also works for pool floats, air mattresses, rafts, kayaks, and more. There are various options for this model that include rechargeable batteries or car adapters, but this one is a plug-in. One reviewer wrote: "This thing is a beast! It's got like twice the airflow of any other pump."

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