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7 Best Water Shoes for Kids: Perfect For Beach Days & Water Parks


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Summer is almost here, and that means it's almost time for water sports, trips to the water park, and time spent splashing around. Having a good pair of water shoes for kids can make a huge difference for them, they'll be less likely to hurt their feet on something in the water or stub their toe as they're running to the water slide. Kids' water shoes can help prevent injuries like cuts and scrapes, too.

Finding the right pair of swim shoes for your little kid just depends on what they'll use them for most often! You might want a pair of water sandals if you spend a lot of time at the beach, or maybe some breathable water socks if you spend more time at water parks with your little one. Either way, we created a list of some of the best kids' water shoes from Amazon to make it easy to pick the right aqua shoes for your child.

Best Kids' Water Shoes

1. Merrell Unisex-Child Hydro Sandal

Merrell makes great, long-lasting water sandals that will last a long time (probably longer than it takes for your child to grow out of them). They have a velcro strap for easy on and off, and they're quick-drying. They also have a closed-toe design to keep your little one's toes safe and unharmed from rocks and other things in the water.


2. Speedo Little Little Kid/Big Kid Surfwalker Pro Water Shoe

The rubber sole of these swim shoes makes them great for a variety of activities, whether you're spending the afternoon at the pool and want to minimize the risk of them slipping or hanging out at a water park for the day, these are a great option.

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3. Keen Unisex Kid's Newport H2 Sandal

These Keen Kids water sandals have a durable rubber outsole and a quick-dry design that make them ideal for any outdoor adventure! Take these on a hike, to the lake, or on a family fishing trip.

4. Teva Kids' K Tanza Sport Sandal

These Teva water sandals have a rubber outsole for a nonslip grip on any surface. These make for great toddler water shoes if you have an active child who loves to come on all sorts of adventures.


5. Crocs Kids' Classic Clog (Retired Colors) | Slip On Shoes for Boys and Girls | Water Shoes

Crocs are lightweight, super easy to get on and off, and perfect for boys and girls who love to play in the water. These are some of the best sellers on Amazon, and frankly, I want to get a pair for myself after seeing all the fun patterns and colors they come in.

6. Stride Rite Made 2 Play Phibian Sneaker Sandal Water Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid), Pink, 5 M US Big Kid

These Stride Rite shoes are great for water or land! They're quick-drying and have a closed-toe design to prevent rocks and other things from hurting your child's feet. These make for great swim shoes for a day at the beach!

7. CIOR Boys & Girls Water Shoes Quick Drying Sports Aqua Athletic Sneakers Lightweight Sport Shoes(Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Here's Amazon's Choice for boys' water shoes. Your kiddo is going to feel safe and stylish in these water-friendly shoes. They're quick-drying, have rubber insoles that absorb shock, and have a durable sole that protects kids' feet from sharp objects.

This post was originally published on June 1, 2021.


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