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The Best Water Shoes for Kids: Perfect for Beach Days & Everyday Wear

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Summer vacation is here, which means it's time for water sports, trips to the water park, and lots of splashing around. Having a good pair of water shoes for kids can make a huge difference for them: they'll be less likely to hurt their feet on something in the water or stub their toe as they're running to the water slide. Kids' water shoes can help prevent injuries like cuts and scrapes, too, meaning more time in the pool and less time on the sidelines.

Finding the right pair of swim shoes for your little one just depends on what they'll use them for most often, so we've rounded up a few options if you spend a lot of time at the beach, trail, lake, or river. We've also provided some everyday options and more rugged pairs, too. They're all comfortable, quick-drying, and will keep your kids safer on the water. This list features our favorite options so you can pick the right aqua shoes for your child.

1. Best for Pools and Water Parks

Speedo Surfwalker Pro Water Shoe - Amazon, $18+

The rubber sole of these swim shoes makes them great for a variety of activities, whether you're spending the afternoon at the pool and want to minimize the risk of them slipping or hanging out at a water park for the day. Even though they're covered, they are made of synthetic and mesh, making them super breathable. They also have a slip-on design, so they're easy for kids to put on and off. Speedo also recommends these shoes as a great shower shoe — perfect for kids going off to summer camp.

Sizes Available: 4-12

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2. Best for Lakes and Rivers

UBFEN Water Shoes - Amazon, $7.99+

These highly-rated water shoes come in toddler and kid sizes, a whole range of colorways, and feature thick rugged soles and insoles can handle the little rocks that live at the bottom of lakes and rivers. These is the perfect shoes for camping or days by the lake, because they're non-slip as well. We love that they're flexible and quick-drying.

Available Sizes: 7.5-10 Toddler, 11-4 Big/Little Kid

3. Best Light-Weight Pick

Centipede Demon Kids Water Shoes - Amazon, $7.99+

These water shoes are perfect to throw in your suitcase for the water park or your beach bag, because they're so lightweight. We love that they have over 40 colors and styles for every kid's personality, and that the hook-and-loop design makes it incredibly easy to get them on or off. They're basically like packing socks, so they're really perfect for travel.

Available Sizes: 6-10 Toddler, 1-4.5 Big/Little Kid

4. Best Everyday Water Shoe

Crocs Kids' Classic Clog  - Amazon, $18.00+

Crocs are lightweight, super easy to get on and off, and perfect for boys and girls who love to play in the water. These are a great everyday option if your kids happen to be around water or hot sidewalks a lot, and it'll save your floors and carpets to just keep a pair of waterproof shoes around. Kids who hate wearing shoes will love wearing these since they have foam padding and are seriously fun and seriously comfortable. Also, kids will have fun decorating their Crocs with charms like this adorable pack perfect for summer.

Available Sizes: Infant 0/3 months up to 12 Big Kid

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